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Little Eyes Zentangle

Some days we do small art in between crowds of people at the store. Today, I did this little zentangle. 

It’s nice to do little things sometimes. And the best thing about these little zentangles, no matter how often I might repeat the patterns I use, they’re never the same. 

Doodle Days

A zentangle drawing for tonight.

And one for last night as well. 

Last night’s was done while waiting for clas to start. I was going to say these are quick little arts to do but, depending on how complex I make them, they’re actually not that quick. What they are though, is less messy than an art journal page. Sometimes I don’t feel like pulling out all the things to make a big, elaborate art piece so these are nice to do on those days. 

Zentangle Owl and a Clean Workspace

I cleaned my studio tonight. 

I’m pretty excited, it’s been a while! The thing is though, I’ve cleaned it up and now I don’t want to make a mess in it again. So I did a drawing tonight instead. 

A little zentangle owl in my drawing journal. I would say it was a quick drawing but really, those little dots took a long time! 

These were from last night. Pencil drawings in the same journal. 

Wooden Paper and a Zentangle

Wooden paper is a thing. A real thing and it’s pretty cool. A friend picked this pad up for me at Lee Valley. 

I love how it looks. The “paper” is made by slicing the wood super thin so it can be a bit brittle. 

I was testing the flexibility of the pages and broke it so I decided, instead of throwing out the pieces, I’d make something with them. The only thing I could do while at the Made Local Society today was this. 

I love it. 

Doodle Stars and Other Art

Here is the link to today’s art. 

A quick zentangle picture done in my little art journal. 

This is what I did last night. A quick charcoal sketch of a girl with her hair up. 

Bubbles Doodle

A very quick doodle today

Done in my little doodle book with a Bic black pen. 

Art Doodle Dumps

Just a few zentangles from the past few days.