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Poppies – WIP

I’m calling this a work in progress still because I’m not sure it’s done. 

Although I look at it and I’m not sure what else I really want to add. 

It’s changed quite a bit from last night. The flowers have much more colour to them (kinda loving them, no lie) and more depth. I took a very quick video of how I made one of them: ​

I think they turned out pretty. Very abstract. Actually, the whole thing is pretty abstract really. 

The bottom was made with a palette knife and layers of colours scraped over the canvas. I tried to keep it a very simple colour scheme. A couple shade of red, brown, black, two greens, yellow and white gesso. By blending them to various degrees it made the whole thing pretty interesting. 

So I like how it is currently but I’m not sure it’s complete. I’m going to leave it on my desk for a while to see if I’m inspired to add more or change anything. 

Green Canvas

Honestly, that doesn’t even begin to describe if. Maybe, oil slick, or nebula, or rain forest. Not sure yet which is why it’s beings defaulted to the green canvas. 

Whatever I end up calling it doesn’t matter. What really matters is how frickin’ cool this turned out. Seriously. I am so proud of this one. I love the colours. I love the texture of the molding paste used. I love the way the colour seeped into the crevices and pooled and created such depth. 

This is one of my favourite parts. The colour, layers of texture, and the shininess just look so neat. 

The texture is pretty cool here too. 

There are a bunch more pictures up on the 366 Days of Art post. Definitely check it out tonight


Tonight I did a couple little drawings of very different girls. The first was more sketchy and without outlining. 

The second girl is a rag doll girl style. Not the best effort but I love the shading on her hair. 

It’s all a learning process. 

make your f’ing mark count

However you do it. Sing. Dance. Write. Draw. Paint. Create. Make fucking spreadsheets. I don’t care. Just make your mark. And make it count. 

I was going to say more. About the process and supplies used. But that’s not important, I think. Just, be true to you make your mark known. 

Pomegranate Doodling

Finished the page from last night today. Well, maybe I might go in and add some black ink doodling. 

Did the doodling over my lunch at the Made Local Society with an oil pen. I am now covered in white oil paint. 

Very fun but, like I said, I might still go in and add some black for contrast. We will see 🙂

Black and White Campfire

Tonight’s art is another simple black and white line drawing. 

I’ve been enjoying these. They’re simple but fun little drawings. I sketch them out first, then they go over them with a black pen, usually a Sharpie. 

Drawing at Work

Today is my day at the Made Local Society. 

And we’ve had a lot of fun and got a lot of work done. I’ve also done my arting here today. Here is the link

I enjoyed this. I did 2 pieces in my sketchbook, the zentangle owl above and another wanderlust, explore the world one. 

I’m enjoying these pieces. They’re simple but fun. The pointillism looks great but requires a fair amount of time to get right. 

Done with the Sharpie pen. (I’m liking this one!)

Get out and go explore the world!

Rag Doll Princess – Improvised Art

Tonight I’m sitting in our absolutely lovely Made Local Society with limited art supplies so I decided to improvise. 

I think she turned out pretty cute. 

I had a small case of pencils and pens with me that I totally made use of. I used a 2H pencil (my new favourite to be honest) and a Faber-Castell Pitt pen for the outline. Then I got creative with the supplies I had on hand. I had some mini Stampin’ Up ink pads and a set of K&Company Amy Butler clear stamps. I used a lovely green and 4 small floral stamps to create her dress. I used chocolate brown for her hair and yellow for her crown. Her dress was filled in wit hints of pink and blue. 

I think she turned out pretty cute!

hiding watercolour drawing

Some days it’s better to just hide from the world. Bundle up, hunker down, build a blanket fort, and put everyone on ignore. Today’s art reflects that. 

I have a lot more I can say today regarding this but instead will continue to bite my tongue and not say anything at all. Some days, that is for the best. 

Done with Faber-Castell Pitt pens, Derwent Inktense pencils, and water. 

Poppies Line Drawing

I like the starkness of tonight’s art. 

Simple black lines on a white page. 

The poppies are very simple too. Four petals each and the lines to indicate the flow of the petals. 

Done in my sketchbook with a Faber-Castell Pitt pen.