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close to the end journal page

Sitting in school right now and I decided to do my art while I wait for class to start. 

These are long days; work from 7-4 then school until 9:30/10. Work 5 days a week, class twice a week, and at the store on Saturdays. Is it any wonder I am tired so much? 

Worked with very limited supplies in my fancy journal tonight. Just used a pencil, Bic pen, the Speedball Elegant Writer pen and a waterbrush. Oh, and a couple pieces of washi tape that were already stuck on the page. 

Day 1…

Welcome to my blog . This blog is part of my project the 365 yeg Project. It’s a part of my New Year’s Resolution to do the things I keep saying I’m going to do (blogging being just one of those things). Through this blog I’m planning on holding myself accountable to me for keeping up on all those things I say I’m going to do.

What am I planning on doing?

  1. Read and act on all those self-help career and money management books I buy. I have read them. Ok. Most of them. And quite a few of them really do have good ideas that I want to implement in my life. I just, haven’t, yet. So I plan on re-reading them and doing the activities and reporting on my progress with implementation.
  2. Take more classes. Yay. school, right? Kinda how I feel sometimes but I need to get this goal accomplished. So, finish my accounting diploma through night classes and online learning is a big goal for 2014.
  3. Grow as an artist. Explore more mediums and techniques. Learn. Take classes. Create.
  4. Write.
  5. Get our maker’s space and retail store started (more on that later).

So, shall we begin?