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Poppies – WIP

I’m calling this a work in progress still because I’m not sure it’s done. 

Although I look at it and I’m not sure what else I really want to add. 

It’s changed quite a bit from last night. The flowers have much more colour to them (kinda loving them, no lie) and more depth. I took a very quick video of how I made one of them: ​

I think they turned out pretty. Very abstract. Actually, the whole thing is pretty abstract really. 

The bottom was made with a palette knife and layers of colours scraped over the canvas. I tried to keep it a very simple colour scheme. A couple shade of red, brown, black, two greens, yellow and white gesso. By blending them to various degrees it made the whole thing pretty interesting. 

So I like how it is currently but I’m not sure it’s complete. I’m going to leave it on my desk for a while to see if I’m inspired to add more or change anything. 

Poppies Canvas -WIP

I got a good start on this one tonight

It’s definitely not done yet though and won’t be competed tonight. I need to let the first payers of paint dry. It’s going to go much more dreamy and faded, except for the poppies. I think anyways. These painting take on a life and mind of their own after a while. 

I can’t wait to see how it turns out. It’s as much a mystery to me as it is everyone else. 

Green Canvas Progressing Along

Made some decent progress tonight on the green canvas. 

Started adding the top layer of colours. Lots of greens, golden colours, black, and browns. ​I made a quick little video showing how I add and mix some of the colours.

​I’m enjoying this one. I think some of my favourite canvases I end up making are the ones I spend the most time on. 

I think I’ll be adding a few more layers of colours. I am liking how the gradual build up of colours is happening but I’m thinking it needs a bit more. 

Blue-Green Canvas, WIP Night Two

I’m liking how this is shaping up to be. Might do a bit of doodling on this one or add another layer of texture. I’m not sure just yet. 

There’s a lot of colour and texture added tonight. 

Oranges, yellows and more of the blues and greens. Texture was created with bubble wrap, inner tubes from paper towel, and splatters of paint. 

I really like it as is, but might go further. 

We will see!

White Canvas in Progress

Here is the link to today’s art. 

  I’m really hoping some of the texture I’m trying to build though the many layers of paint art showing though.  

 Started this yesterday and this is how the first 2 layers looked. I used 4 colours – white, black, yellow, and blue.  

 I then added the flowers with light modeling paste and silver and gold embossing powder.  

 I then added more white over the colours to fade them to the background and enhanced the flowers.  

 I really hope this turns out. I have a few more layers to go on this. Hopefully it’ll be done tomorrow.  


Day 1 Purple Canvases, Material Post

I am not a fan of lost purples so these canvases were a challenge for me. However, today’s paintings aren’t done yet but I’m not wanting to make a ton of noise at midnight with the heat gun. I’ll finish them up tomorrow.  

 Materials Used:

  • Liquitex basics acrylic paint: dioxazine purple, prism purple, brilliant purple, deep violet, quinacridone magenta, light blue, phthalocyanine blue, Mars black
  • Liquitex professional gesso

 My painting dress. There is a reason I change before making art. I usually end up wearing it.