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Green Canvas

Honestly, that doesn’t even begin to describe if. Maybe, oil slick, or nebula, or rain forest. Not sure yet which is why it’s beings defaulted to the green canvas. 

Whatever I end up calling it doesn’t matter. What really matters is how frickin’ cool this turned out. Seriously. I am so proud of this one. I love the colours. I love the texture of the molding paste used. I love the way the colour seeped into the crevices and pooled and created such depth. 

This is one of my favourite parts. The colour, layers of texture, and the shininess just look so neat. 

The texture is pretty cool here too. 

There are a bunch more pictures up on the 366 Days of Art post. Definitely check it out tonight

with brave wings she flies

Here’s the link to today’s page. 

Today’s page is a bit of a collage. I started with scraps of papers stuck down randomly over the page with Golden matte medium. I used Golden gesso as a whitewash over that. 

The colour wash was a combination of Golden acrylic paints and Dylusion sprays. 

A very quick page, but I like the results. 

be open to whatever comes next

I actually started a different project tonight but needed to let it dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step. 

I tested the technique last night in my art journal and decided to do a canvas tonight. I’m going to work on it tomorrow once all the matte medium is completely dried. For tonight though, I made this. 

It started out as a rather ugly colour but had some lovely texture to it. I covered it in Golden gesso and added some bright pink and neon yellow Pebeo paint over top. Then I sprayed black Dylusion ink over top. 

The doodles were done with my Pitt pen and the sentiment is a Tom Holtz small talk sticker. 

I like this one. Full of potential and perhaps pointing to what may come.