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I was pulling weeds one day when, at the back of one pot, I saw this scraggly little thing. I pulled it, thinking it was another weed but, lo and behold, it was a scrawny little marigold plant. Now, I hadn’t planted a marigold in that particular spot, it must have grown from a seed. I felt bad, so I quickly replanted it, hoping it would grow, knowing the odds were not in its favour. 

Well, it’s still al little scraggly, and the flower isn’t perfect, but it persevered.    

I think there’s a something in this for all of us. Life is tough, but so are we. If we have the tenacity to push through our day to day life challenges, if we just hang on, we too will persevere. 

May the odds be ever in your favour. 

Shy – Mixed Media Girl

I’m sure she has a story, this blue haired girl. I’m sure it’s something unusual, to have her peeking, hopefully, out of the page the way she is. Perhaps she’s a sheltered princess, getting her first glimpse of the world. Maybe she’s a mermaid, stepping foot on land for the first time. Or she might the hero of this story, come to save the day. 

I ended up working very late into the night on this one (2:51 as I type, eep!). I think she was worth the time spent on her. 

I used a variety of supplies on her, primarily acrylic paints. her hair is done in a mix of Ranger Distress Crayons, acrylic, and ink from my Elegant Writer pen by Speedball (if you haven’t heard of these, check them out! They are lovely calligraphy pens that bleed blues, greys, and pink when they get wet. Super fun to play with).

Time for bed!

Monsters in the Deep Mixed Media Page

The monsters sleep. 

The world is full of technology and modern wonders and there’s no room for the kraken and Bigfoot and dragons and Sphinx and trolls and ogres. So the monsters sleep. 

In the deepest, darkest parts of the world where man cannot go, they sleep. And they dream. 

The monsters dream of the times that were before. When they were worshiped and feared. When everyone knew their names but did not dare speak it, for to speak of the thing you fear, everyone knew, would bring it to you. The monsters dream to remember and to see the future. And they dream and know of the time that will come when they are feared and worshiped again. These dreams are most exciting to the monsters. 

Sometimes, the monsters wake. 

Beware the deep, dark places of the earth, for the monsters sleep within. And their sleep is not sound for sometimes they wake and out of the depths, the monsters do rise. 

I redid last night’s page, bigger and in different mediums. 

I started the page by layering down some torn up scrapbook paper to create texture. I then used a pallette knife to paint on the first layer of colour. The tentacles were painted on and then another layer of paint was added with the knife. I used some India ink to add depth to the tentacles. I finished up with some spray inks in black on the bottom of the page and green and teal on the top. 

Maybe not as epic as I might have thought, but it was fun. And it is fun to see the difference from last night to tonight’s page. 

Binary Sea – The Sea King’s Bride

Once upon a time the dark sea king fell in love with a girl. She was not a great beauty; she was in fact, rather ordinary. But day after day she stood on the docks gazing out at the dark sea and the dark sea king fell in love with her wistful look. He watched her and imagined she looked towards the sea and longed with all her heart to be a part of the sea. And he thought of how he could grant her that wish while making her his. 

He didn’t think to talk to her or ask her why she looked to the sea. 

Now, kings are often impulsive and selfish creatures and the dark sea king is more selfish than most. After all, he is a dark king. (Do you see where this is heading? I never said this was a love story.)

One day the king’s desires for the girl grew so great he could no longer stand it. As she stood looking out at the sea, the king sent a great wave to snatch her up and deliver her to his castle. The wave surrounded the girl and dragged her out, out, out to sea and down, down, down into the depths. 

His castle was a very long way down. 

The girl was human and, as we all know, humans can’t breathe under water like a fish or sea king. The girl drowned long before she reached the castle. 

The king got his bride and the girl drowned. 

The dark sea king didn’t mind. He finally got his bride and the entire castle danced long into the night. 

And then, in the morning, the entire castle feasted. 

The dark sea king’s bride still decorates the castle hall. 

Oh come my love and swim with me, out in this vast, binary sea…


  • Watercolour pencils
  • Derwent Inktense ink pencils
  • Neocolor II wax pastels
  • Liquitex paint
  • Golden paint
  • Faber-Castell Pitt pen

Here is the link to today’s art. Title from Death  Cab for Cutie’s song, Binary Sea. Story and painting my own.