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Wooden Paper and a Zentangle

Wooden paper is a thing. A real thing and it’s pretty cool. A friend picked this pad up for me at Lee Valley. 

I love how it looks. The “paper” is made by slicing the wood super thin so it can be a bit brittle. 

I was testing the flexibility of the pages and broke it so I decided, instead of throwing out the pieces, I’d make something with them. The only thing I could do while at the Made Local Society today was this. 

I love it. 

Wee Purple Flower Canvas

I’m rather delighted with this painting tonight

I had a half done canvas that I finished tonight. Thankfully (since it’s pretty late), the background was mostly done, I just added a brighter layer of colour to it. Then I painted the flowers. 

I haven’t done them in a while so it was fun. The canvas is tiny. It’s 5″x3″.


Little Art Canvas

Opened my purse today at work and realized I forgot to take out the art supplies I bought last night from The Paint Spot.

I decided to use just these to make my 366 Days of Art contribution today! 

A bright but tiny canvas!

Two ingredients, sunshine, and a tiny canvas. Not bad!

Sick Days Arting

Another small art piece today

I’m just happy that I’m still doing these even though I’m not feeling well. Small art is still art after all. 

These two were from yesterday.