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Two Turtle Doves

Ok, so after posting last night, I realized this might be harder than I thought. Maids milking, ladies dancing, lords leaping??? What was I thinking? 

Well, I will give it my best shot anyways. Tonight are the two turtle doves. It’s a very sketchy drawing done in my lovely handmade art journal. 

I started by sketching it out then going over the lines in a very, very fine tip pen so it still looks sketchy. What can I say? Feathers look best sketchy, or at lest mine do. 

A Partridge in a Pear Tree

I’m back. Exams are done (for better or worse) and I’m happy to be making art again. 

I don’t actually know if it’s the first day of Christmas or not. I just decided to use this song as inspiration. I’ll do up the rest of the days too. It’ll be a fun little project in a project. 

We’ve Come This Far

How much further can we go?

I’m referring to improving myself as an artist, that is. Tonight was a bit self reflective. I was thinking about the work in progress I started last night and how, even a year ago, I wouldn’t have dared sharing it online let alone being happy with it. And now? After almost a year of constantly sharing (perhaps some might say, oversharing), and creating, and drawing, and making, I’m feeling pretty good. Good about sharing what I’ve made. Good about what I’ve made. Happy and pleased it’s the results (most of the time). And when thugs don’t turn out? I’m ok sharing that too. 

Growth is good. And this project forced me to grow as not only an artist, but as a confident human being. 

In case you were wondering, last night’s picture. 

Poppies Line Drawing

I like the starkness of tonight’s art. 

Simple black lines on a white page. 

The poppies are very simple too. Four petals each and the lines to indicate the flow of the petals. 

Done in my sketchbook with a Faber-Castell Pitt pen. 

Feather Drawing and Artwalk 

Here is the link to tonight’s art. 

I’m testing out some designs for a new project I want to try. I’d like to do these on a dictionary page I think. I’ll do a few more drawings like this over the next couple days before doing the real thing. 

Here is yesterday’s Artwalk art too. 

As I said in the post yesterday, I’ve heard a few different (and dirty) interpretations of this art. It’s supposed to be a woman walking down a path through the woods but you see whatever you like. 

Sketching Night

Kinda tired tonight so I didn’t feel like doing any ambitious art journaling. I sketched some fun things instead. 

Kinda cute, right? Ok, definitely silly too. 

What I used tonight. 

366 Days of Art Doodles

I tend not to always post the doodles like today’s art. I don’t know that people would find a whole post about a doodle as interesting as one with more elements so I tend to save them up. Here are a few of the recent doodles. 

Sketching in Pen

Tonight’s page was done in ink. It’s a challenge to try make something you can’t go back and correct.

Art Doodle Dumps

Just a few zentangles from the past few days. 

Rain Woman and the Mother