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On the Spot Pop Ups at Latitude 53

This Saturday come down to Latitude 53 – 10242 106 Street – to check out the amazing artists, makers, and creators at the On the Spot Pop Up Sale Market! Featuring live music from a host of amazing local musicians, food by Oodles of Chocolates and swag bags to the first 50 shoppers (I’ll be contributing!), we’re going to rock out the heart of Edmonton!




I’ve been a bit distracted with work, school, and crafts… Actually, crafts have fallen off too due to the immense school workload. I’m happy to say though, that the classes I started in January are now done and, although I’ll be starting a new class in a week, it’ll be online so I’ll get my evenings back again to create and work on the On the Spot stuff I’ve been sadly neglecting.

And the best, best news right now? I got an A in one of my classes! (Still waiting on test results for the other class, fingers crossed!) Go me!

Freezing My Nose Off


Taking pictures down on Saskatchewan Drive, wishing I had my scarf. All for art.


And BOOM! PMS hits and everything is about 1000 times worse.


I’d Really Appreciate It

If someone could please make the stomach ache and headache go away and clear the cobwebs from my brain, I’d greatly appreciate it.

So much for posting everyday

Time flies as you run through the day. Sleep, work, eat, create, work, sleep again. Rinse and repeat.

Working on a project for the Deep Freeze Festival on 118 Avenue for this weekend. I’m decorating a lamppost with friends. It’s a fibre art project which is challenging for me. I’m a jewelry, painter, sculpture artist. Not fibre. Well. Except for felt which is why I’m felting the face of the figure we’re making. You’ll see it later, I’m sure, on the 365 yeg Project blog. I plan on posting a bunch of the pictures I plan on taking at the Festival over next week.

I’m happy with the 365 yeg Project so far. I haven’t ventured to far from home yet, just sticking close to home and downtown. Can’t wait to get out and explore a bit more. You know. When I have time.

Other projects I’m focusing on is organizing the Boyle Street Maker’s Faire. On the Spot Pop Ups has been given a great opportunity to take over the Boyle Street Community Centre on February 8-9 and we’re taking it over in style. Instead of a regular craft show, with tables lined up, we’re organizing the sellers and items for sale into eco systems. Home decor. Fashion. Health and beauty. An entire art gallery. Local music. A coffee shop with local made furniture. I can’t wait.

As part of the growth we’re wanting for On the Spot Pop Ups, we’re looking to create a Maker’s Space and retail shop for our makers. This is my passion. I’m super excited for this. A space where makers, crafters, creators, and builders can come together to work, collaborate, and play.With the tools, equipment, and space to work with., Artist studios. Meeting spaces. Room to create. I’m so, so excited. And a bit scared.

We’re doing an Indiegogo campaign to help crowdsource the funds as we need to raise a lot of money for this. We’ve met our Indiegogo goal of $5,000 and surpassed it, but we still need to raise more. Anything anyone can contribute, from monetary funds, to equipment, to time is so appreciated.

Plus, I’m starting classes again tomorrow at NAIT. More accounting and computer classes in hopes of earning my diploma as soon as possible. Two nights a week, 4 hours a night. Until April. Hooray for higher education.

Okay, Enough rambling for now. Things to make and books to read. No rest for the busy.

I think, as an attainable blogging goal, that I’ll aim to post once a week for now, until I get back into the swing of things.


Huh. The WordPress app is great. I can post on the run or even from the tub. Nice.