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Art Drop

Last night was some very late art making. I started trying to make something that didn’t quite turn out. Instead of a girl in a shroud, I ended up with a girl in a black hole. Still kinda cool but definitely not what I envisioned. That’s what happens when you try to draw to late, I guess. 

I decided to stop this and went on with the picture I ended up posting. 

It’s all perspective. It’s a layer art journal, mixed media page. 

And finally, tonight’s page. A little devil rag doll girl with her bat minions. Because any respectable devil girl has bat minions, you know? 

Scary Little Rag Doll

Some little girls are sugar and spice, and all things nice. And some little girls are slime and snails, and dead lizard tails and not very nice at all. 

Done with a 4H pencil and my black Bic pen in my mini art journal. 

Harlequin Rag Doll Girl -Art Outside

Today is a gorgeous day out in Edmonton. The perfect day to sit out on the deck and make some art! 

I grabbed some pens and pencils, my Derwent Inktense pencils, soft neutral Prima Watercolour pencils, and some water and just enjoyed the sunshine. 

I sketched out the rag doll girl I was wanting to do today. 

I then outlined her in the Faber-Castell Pitt pen. 

Ok, side note: I love these pens! Especially when I’m outlining with them. I find them to be smudge proof and water proof with the watercolour pencils I use. 

I then coloured her in. I used the Prima watercolours for her face and the Derwent Inktense for the hair and harlequins. The Primas are soft and create lovely skin tones when they are layered up. I love how intense the Inktense pencils are. The colour is just so rich. 

I really like her. She’s bright and fun. I also like that I didn’t colour everything in on the page and left a lot of white space. I think if I did the full page it would have been too dark whereas with just the spots of colour, it’s bright and whimsical. 

Water Colour Rag Doll Girl

Here is the link to today’s art.  

 She was done with Prima Watercolour pencils in my large drawing book.  

 She’s almost to pretty to be a rag doll girl; in my mind, they’re cute, not necessarily pretty.  

 I do enjoy making the girls like her though.