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be a rainbow sprinkle in a vanilla world

I love this quote. It’s basically saying it’s ok to be different. Celebrate it. Enjoy it. Stand out. 

Tonight’s page is very bright. It’s actually a rework of a previously grey page. It was only grey and was a little depressing. Instead of doing a new page, I decided to rework this one. 

I used a 3 different of different colours to lay down the base then started with stencils on top of it. I decided to add more colours with a brayer. I wiped it off in a few places as it was a lot of the one colour. I then added more layers with black and white, using found objects like bubble wrap and a tube. (It’s a lot of fun figuring out what can make good patterns in paint!) 

I got stuck at this point and couldn’t figure out where I wanted to go next with this page so I stated flipping through my older journals. It’s definitely inspiring to see where I’ve been and how far I’ve come since starting this project. 

I decided to place a quote as the focal and, given how bright an colourful this page was, I felt the rainbow sprinkle one was appropriate. I wrote it up on a piece of paper and cut it out. I adhered it in the journal with golden matte medium. 

I made a giant mess tonight but enjoyed reminiscing, looking through the older pages. Worth it. 

mixed media girl with glasses

I haven’t had to wear my glasses in a while, usually only late in the evening when I’m tired. I’ve pretty much hit a wall tonight and I’ve been wearing them all evening. I think I’ve been go, go, go for too long and I’m just exhausted (and here I am a 20 after 11, still up). Anyways, the glasses got me thinking, I’ve drawn a lot girls lately but none with glasses. So I decided to create one tonight

I like how she turned out. I started by sketching her out. 

Sketching the glasses was pointless because by the time I added paint, they were completely covered and I had to draw them in again. 

A little creep without the eyes but she was coming along nicely here. 

Her hair was primarily done with the speedball elegant writer pen. I added more colour with distress crayons, prima wax pastels, and acrylic paint as well. 

I like how she turned out. Even without the glasses, I think she’s an interesting character. 

endless possibilities art journal page

There’s so much potential in every new night of arting. So much potential to become something amazing. 

Tonight I decided to build texture. Layers of old book pages, textured drywall tape, and cheesecloth made up the base of this page. These were stuck down with Golden soft matte gel. 

I then added spots of Golden crackle paste, journaling, and Golden gesso.

I used Distress Inks in browns and pinks and Dylusion spray ink in green to add the colours. I then added a bit of doodling and the page title. 

I used a scrap of burlap I painted white with the gesso as a base for the brass winged key.

Pretty happy with this one. I used limited products, scraps, and found objects to make this page. I think it turned out pretty cool. 

Embrace beautiful chaos – process

Tonight’s page is bright but tempered by the black and white. 
 Tonight I started this journal page with a collage of differently textured Japanese papers I bought from an art store in Toronto (Curry’s) and some strips of brown kraft paper. I used my Golden matte medium to glue the papers down to my page. I coated the papers with Golden gesso to cover the colours up.  

 After I dried the gesso, I started dripping Golden high flow acrylics from the top of the page. I used hansa yellow and fluorescent pink. Some of the drips combined to make a really pretty fluorescent orange.  I also used Liquitex professional ink in quinacridone magenta to add a darker pink to the page.

 I added the different colours, drying between layers.  

 I then swiped on some more gesso and used my catalyst tool to add a crosshatch texture. After drying, I sprayed on some Dylusions black marble ink spray to really make the texture pop.  

 The final step was to add the quote; a Tim Holtz idea-ology small talk quote. 


the universe took a long time to build – about 

Or, at least this one did.  

 I’ve been working on today’s painting for a long time. Months. I’d work on it, leave it for a few weeks, work some more, leave it, look at it, leave it…. And on, and on, and on. I think though that the gradual building of layers of watercolour really made it amazing.  

 There are so many layers here. I can only speculate as the the materials I used. Pretty sure I used my Derwent Inktenses, Faber-Castell, Staedtler, and new Caran d’Aches Watercolour pencils. I know there are gelatos on this as well as the new Tim Holtz Distress Crayons. I’m prettier sure there’s also the Neocolor II wax pastels as well. And that’s just the base layer! 

 For the pinks and greens I used Distress Sprays and Dylusions. And I think that’s it. Probably. Possibly.  

 Oh and the stars are Liquitex professional gesso. I knew I missed something. 

Red Doodle Canvas Materials

I’m liking these bigger doodle canvases. Yesterday’s painting was super fun and I love today’s piece.  

 This is the same size as yesterday, 12″X 24″ tall. 

  I started with a red base using Golden quinacridone magenta, cadmium red light, and Pebeo vivid pink and Naphthol carmine. I then added more layers and built up more layers with these colours as well as Golden cadmium yellow light and Liquitex professional cadmium orange.  

 Golden light green, carbon black and Liquitex professional light blue were added as pops of colour.  

 Then the doodles were added. These are always so fun to do and, as I said yesterday, it’s hard to stop.  

 I used a Sharpie white pen paint, Faber-Castell Pitt pen, and Staedtler triplus fineliner to doodle.  

 It’s hard to stop but I usually end up reaching a point where I just can’t keep going and, at 11:30 at night, this is my ending point. 

Flower Power Process

Today’s page actually was quick and easy. A cool background with a black and white flower pop in the foreground. Didn’t clutter it up to much, just some simple paint splatters with the paint pen for extra dimension.  

  I started with a light spread of Liquitex basics acrylic in leached titanium as the base colour. That way, any of the page that shows through would not be stark white.  
 Then I mixed up dioxazine purple and primary red to make the bottom. I added them both in layers as well for extra dimension. For the top I used cerulean blue and phthalocyanine blue. As I was spreading the blues, the Reds from the bottom, which weren’t dry, spread and mixed in a bit. It created a cool effect.  

 For the flower, I outlined it in both the Sharpie paint pen and the Faber-Castell Pitt pen. It was painted in with a tiny bit of titanium white and ivory black Liquitex acrylic paints. The stem was done in the Sharpie and Pitt pens. I added some splatters with the Sharpie and it was done 


Irresistible Canvas Process

I got a late start today. Honestly, I would have rather been off to bed instead of heading upstairs to paint. It’s been a long day. I will say though, I’m pleased with how it ended up.  

 Ok. I didn’t start out making this canvas. Actually I started making 4 tiny canvases.  

 I wasn’t feeling it though so I put those aside for another day. I’ll share them, just probably not as a 366 Days of Art project. 

  Anyways. So today I worked on a 6″ X 12″ canvas using my Liquitex basics again. Lots of reds and oranges and touches of yellow and bright green. Threw in some deep hookers green for contrast.  

 More doodles in the Neocolor II pastels and the Faber-Castell Pitt pens.  

 And a single, big black and white flower. I used my Golden carbon black as the base. I’ve decided I don’t like the Liquitex Mars black that comes in the basics kit. It’s not black enough and I really like that the Golden is a heavy body paint. 

I’m thrilled with today’s art and am super glad I pushed myself to do it.