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Gravity Defying Kitten

Physics. Pfft.



Sitting next to me, this is what I see.


Goodbyes Are Never Easy

I’ve been lucky in my life in that I’ve never had to be there to make the hard decisions in my pets lives. My parents lost both their cats, cats I lived with for 7 years, after I moved out. I was sad, but it wasn’t a decision I had to make or be there for. Friends have had to say goodbye to their pets, and while infinitely sad for them, it wasn’t my decision.

 Wade had  Thomas since he was a kitten. I’ve lived with Thomas for 12 years. He was 17 years old and we made the decision on Friday to say goodbye to Thomas who had been suffering from diabetes for the past 4.5 years. We’ve noticed over the past week that he had slowed down quite a bit and was eating less and less. He was barely moving around anymore, just sleeping and we knew the time was coming.

On Friday, I came home from work to find him having a seizure. According to the vet, the seizure was caused by hypoglycemia caused by his diabetes and him not eating as he had been.  We made the hard decision to say goodbye.

It’s the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, walking out of the clinic without him. Even knowing he was sick and in pain I wanted him to come home.

It’s been a strange weekend without him here. It’s quieter without Thomas. And a little emptier. Mystique is being super clingy and is with us constantly. She know we’re upset about Thomas and is there to comfort us.

Goodbye Thomas. We’re going to miss you.