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make me a shadow on the wall art journal page

Tonight I did a page based on a quote from one of my favourite books, A Madness of Angels by Kate Griffin. I love this book. It is unconventional both in its subject and writing style with beautifully written sentences and descriptions of a side of London seldom mentioned. I definitely recommend it. 

make me a shadow on the wall 

I love these words. They’re beautiful and poetic and have such meaning in the book. They speak to me of fear and strength, permanence and the fleeting nature of of life. 

I didn’t have a stencil to make tonight’s piece so I made my own. 

Crafty, right?

Siren – Mixed Media 

Beware the siren’s song for once ensnared you are but bones on the seabed. Many an ancient ship was lost to the depths because of her plaintive, alluring song. 

I decided I wanted to do tonight’s girl from behind. Not a perspective I’m an expert in at all. I don’t think it turned out bad for a first attempt but I definitely need work. 

I knew I wanted to draw this one from behind and I thought who better to depict from behind than a mermaid? I think the skin turned out neat – she’s no little mermaid, more like a siren who lured sailors to their death in the depths. I think that my favourite part though turned out to be her hair. Super textured and fun, full of pearls and gems and seaweed. 

collect beautiful moments journal page

Went back to my usual art journaling tonight. I really felt like doing something super colourful. 

Lots of colours in this one. Started with a mix of blues, purples, pinks, and black in the background. I then layered on stencils on top in bright colours. 

I added the sentiment and outlined it in ink. 

I stamped on a few little accents and it’s a done page. 

The Ocean -WIP Canvas

Tonight’s piece  started out very bright. 

Bright golden yellow, phthalocyanine blue, grey, and black. Then I started adding white gesso in swirls and streaks. I covered the canvas in white which mixed with the wet colours underneath. I then started removing it in large stripes with my wedge catalyst tool (don’t worry, I didn’t waste the paint, it was used for a art journal page base). I added a little bit more white gesso as bright spots then sprayed it down heavily with water. 

I tilted the canvas to allow the water and paint to drop down it until I was happy. 

I’m not sure it’s done. I might add more to it. I do love this how it is though. I’m not sure. 

Messes at Midnight

I’m back 🙂 The Etsy Made in Canada market is done, my quiz is done (B-, yay!) and I’m ready to make more art. I’m happy I took the time to paint this tonight

I wanted to do a very yellow canvas but it turned out a fair bit more orange than I was originally thinking. 

The flowers didn’t quite turn out. I’ll probably redo them in the morning. 

I’m happy to start again and can’t wait to do more. 

Gold Dream Canvas

Do you ever dream of your art? Do you ever have a dream and, in that dream, see an amazing painting and know, in your dream, that you painted it? And then, when you wake up, know, just know in your heart and soul, that you need to paint that painting you saw in your dreams? And do you worry that, if you attempt to paint that piece, it won’t be as amazing, special, or just as good as the one on your dream? Do you do it anyways? 

I did and, while it didn’t turn out exactly the way I dreamed, I’m happy I tried. 

I’ll keep trying too, until I get it right. 

Neon Doodling (Hi, the 90s called…)

I really like doodling like this

It’s fun , creating the different patterns, making the little drawings, using the oil pens. I do like these pens. They are bright and have good coverage. 

The background was leftover paint from yesterday. I filled a blank page in my little journal with leftover black acrylic and then, with the white paint, created some fun patterns over it. And today, I used craft smart oil based pens to do the doodles. 

I only used 2 colours and, because of the hues used, it kinda reminds me of the patterns prevalent in 90s design.  Nostalgic, right?

be open to whatever comes next

I actually started a different project tonight but needed to let it dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step. 

I tested the technique last night in my art journal and decided to do a canvas tonight. I’m going to work on it tomorrow once all the matte medium is completely dried. For tonight though, I made this. 

It started out as a rather ugly colour but had some lovely texture to it. I covered it in Golden gesso and added some bright pink and neon yellow Pebeo paint over top. Then I sprayed black Dylusion ink over top. 

The doodles were done with my Pitt pen and the sentiment is a Tom Holtz small talk sticker. 

I like this one. Full of potential and perhaps pointing to what may come. 

All Across the Universe Journal Page

I felt like trying something a little different tonight

A universe contained within the constraints of an art journal page. 

Materials Used: 

  • Liquitex professional acrylics: light blue, Naphthol Crimson, alizarin Crimson
  • Liquitex basics titanium white
  • Pebeo fluorescent yellow
  • Grumbacher dioxazine purple
  • Golden carbon black
  • Golden fluid fluorescent blue

Pink Doodle Flowers Art Journal Page

Here is the link to today’s art. 

I did this on top of a page that had extra paint on it. The pink background was leftover paint from a few weeks back and the big white spots were from another day. 

The small spots are actually my fingerprints. 

I doodled the flowers tonight using my Tombow and Kuretake pens. 

I definitely like the results!