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Trust Your Crazy Ideas (OMG I made such a mess)

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, here’s three that accurately describe tonight’s art process. 

You guessed it. Hella messy art night tonight. Super fun though. The best art is messy art after all. 

So I did actually start this last night. Started laying down the inks in the background, wandered away, and went to bed. Whoops. Came back to it tonight and started adding more layers of colours, spray inks, liquid acrylic paints, and ink drops. Used two different stencils and just went crazy with the layering and layering and layering. I love how parts of it turned out. Some of the layers blurred together a bit, but other parts? Just sparkled. 

This? My favourite part. The way the colours blended on the white raised parts, the phrase just popping out, the different layers showing though. So cool. I had fun tonight. 


Tonight, I made a gigantic mess and it was glorious. 

This is the page I made. I started with a page that was already covered with left over paint, drips and drops, and handprints. 

You can’t really see much of it showing through anymore. If you look closely in some areas, you’ll see the texture still though, from my palms. 

I love the texture and layers on this page. I used stencils, found materials, a brayer, and stamps to create the different layers. It kinda came together like magic. 

I decided to hand write a quote from Winstob Churchill and add it as the focal to the page. I’ve been thinking about this quote a lot lately. This one and the one line from my Dad’s favourite poem, Don’t Quit – when you’re hardest hit, don’t you dare quit

Not sure why I’ve been thinking about these lines. Well, yes, I do. It’s because I’ve had a lot on my mind and a lot on the go lately. Work, school, art, finals, the Made Local Society, and trying to not only keep up with it all, but also do a good job at it all. It’s tiring and hard to keep going when you don’t remember why you’re trying to do all the things at once. 

I have to constantly remind myself not to quit. Don’t give up. There are reasons you’re doing this Jasmin. You like your job. You like supporting local arts. You love making art. You’re working towards your degree, and you’re going to get it dammit. Yes you’re tired, yes it’s a lot, but don’t quit. Never ever ever ever ever give up. 

You got this. 

Christmas Balls Watercolour Painting

I’ve been wanting to do something with the water colours of Derwent Inktense pencils again for a while. Glad I broke them out tonight

I like how this turned out. Done with the Intense pencils and a water brush, I really like the shading. 

The caps were done in black pen and a white pen was used to add highlights. I then used a couple different gelly roller pens to add a little tinsel around the whole thing. 

make me a shadow on the wall art journal page

Tonight I did a page based on a quote from one of my favourite books, A Madness of Angels by Kate Griffin. I love this book. It is unconventional both in its subject and writing style with beautifully written sentences and descriptions of a side of London seldom mentioned. I definitely recommend it. 

make me a shadow on the wall 

I love these words. They’re beautiful and poetic and have such meaning in the book. They speak to me of fear and strength, permanence and the fleeting nature of of life. 

I didn’t have a stencil to make tonight’s piece so I made my own. 

Crafty, right?


Light a candle for the loved ones who are no longer with us. Ok. Not my best art night, but it was a long day of chaos, miscommunications, and sad memories. I made s point of doing something tonight in particular because it would have been my dad’s birthday today. He would have been mad at me for not doing something because I wasn’t in the mood to do it because he’s no longer here.  Happy birthday to my dad (today) and aunt (yesterday) who are no longer here. We’re all thinking of and missing you. 

Making Messes While Painting

When I paint, I tend to make a mess. Like tonight, for example. 

This isn’t even the worst of it. My hands are covered in paint, so are my legs. I’ve had to wash to wall tonight, and cleaned as I went and I was still left with this mess. 

I did get lots done tonight. I finished this canvas from the other day. 

I covered it a first layer of paint. 

Then sprayed water, added more paint, and repeated until I was happy. 

The gold and metallic paints were the final touches. 

Then, because I had watered down paint all over, I used a page in my journal dedicated to people to soak up some of the excess. I then decided to do a page tonight. 

I stared by using gesso to create a blank template, then drew the basic figure.  I then added paint, ink, distress crayons, and metallic paints to finish her up. 

A messy, but fun night. 

Siren – Mixed Media 

Beware the siren’s song for once ensnared you are but bones on the seabed. Many an ancient ship was lost to the depths because of her plaintive, alluring song. 

I decided I wanted to do tonight’s girl from behind. Not a perspective I’m an expert in at all. I don’t think it turned out bad for a first attempt but I definitely need work. 

I knew I wanted to draw this one from behind and I thought who better to depict from behind than a mermaid? I think the skin turned out neat – she’s no little mermaid, more like a siren who lured sailors to their death in the depths. I think that my favourite part though turned out to be her hair. Super textured and fun, full of pearls and gems and seaweed. 

mixed media girl with glasses

I haven’t had to wear my glasses in a while, usually only late in the evening when I’m tired. I’ve pretty much hit a wall tonight and I’ve been wearing them all evening. I think I’ve been go, go, go for too long and I’m just exhausted (and here I am a 20 after 11, still up). Anyways, the glasses got me thinking, I’ve drawn a lot girls lately but none with glasses. So I decided to create one tonight

I like how she turned out. I started by sketching her out. 

Sketching the glasses was pointless because by the time I added paint, they were completely covered and I had to draw them in again. 

A little creep without the eyes but she was coming along nicely here. 

Her hair was primarily done with the speedball elegant writer pen. I added more colour with distress crayons, prima wax pastels, and acrylic paint as well. 

I like how she turned out. Even without the glasses, I think she’s an interesting character. 

beautiful lies journal page

I’ve been trying something new lately. I’ve been posting little things I wrote on Instagram. Tonight’s girl is based on one of them. 

we refuse to see
as we are so we
tell ourselves
beautiful lies

Little poems but I’d like to share more. Who knows, maybe next year’s 365 Days project…ha. 

Tonight’s girl is done with mixed media; acrylics, ink, Distress Crayons, and Neocolor II. I’m enjoying learning and experimenting different ways to build these pieces. They always turn out different and, as long as you’re not hung up on perfection, just perfectly imperfect. 

I actually am loving the art project. I was worried I’d get tired of it and quit half way through, but although I’d taken days off from it (dad’s funeral and Etsy MIC), I’m still enjoying it. 

grim reaper art journal page

Tonight’s page is another in my little monster journal. 

I was going to give the little reaper a face but it got to complicated and I like the look of how it turned out. What’s under the hood? Are you sure you want to know?

Tonight’s art was done with acrylic, ink, Distress Crayons, and Elegant Writer pens. 

Don’t fear the reaper.