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Snow Queen (Hubris)

Wasn’t I just saying yesterday that it was kinda cool how I was getting better at painting?


Started the night trying to finish the work in progress from Sunday. Well. I pretty much ruined it. Sometimes, you’re best to stop while you’re ahead and, well, I didn’t. So I started over again. 

I’m sad about the page I wrecked but happy how this one turned out. She looks like a bad ass bitch who would be to smart to fall victim to such silly things as hubris. 

I wanted more of an icy princess and I think she’s definitely not a princess but a queen in charge. She was done in pencil, paint, paint pens, ink, gelatos, and distress crayons. And lots of water. Her hair is super textured, not just to look at but to the touch as well. The paint pen things I used gives a raised texture so the dots and squiggly lines pop out. 

I am sad about the previous girl being wrecked, like I said. But I think she turned out a lot better and with more personality so I’m ultimately happy with tonight’s art.

The Pumpkin King Mixed Media Journal Page

Little story about pumpkins and October. My birthday is in October and Thanksgiving, Canadian Thanksgiving that is, was either the same weekend or the weekend before. Being a kid though, I didn’t care about that (except when I had to have a turkey dinner and pumpkin pie on my birthday), I was more focused on Halloween at the end of the month. The entire month was devoted to my birthday and Halloween and I often combined the two. I remember more than one birthday cake featuring a witch or pumpkin on it. 

Anyways, the reason I was thinking about that was because yesterday was my husband’s birthday and mine is coming up in a few days. I’ve been remembering past birthdays, past cakes, and my utmost dedication to all things Halloween and that’s why I wanted to do a pumpkin for tonight’s art piece. 

Once again, it’s hard to take a picture of a black pumpkin on a black background in a dark room so there’s a little glare.

I do like it though. It’s creepy and fun and reminds me of being a kid. 

I thought I didn’t have the “right” orange paint so I improvised a lot on this and coloured it in layers or yellows and different shades of orange. I did actually paint the pumpkin orange first then layered the black paint over top. I used a lot of different water soluble pastels to shade the oranges and create shadows. I think it turned out. 
Oh, and I found the “right” orange…. after I finished. Cadmium orange. I don’t regret not having it though; it forced me to be creative in shading and layering. 

Inspire Journal Page

I wanted to make today’s page a little different. I also wanted to play with texture and colours. 

I started with a layer of crumpled up kraft paper stuck down with Golden matte medium and then added layers of Dylusion spray inks. I sprayed water to mix the colours and continued adding more layers of colour and water until I was satisfied. 

I then added the cheesecloth, lace and chipboard word from my stash of useful stuff. 

The word was coloured with evening primrose Silks acrylic glaze. 

Materials Used:

  • Dylusion spray inks
  • Distress ink sprays
  • Heidi Swapp colour shine spray
  • Distress paint
  • Silks acrylic glaze
  • Golden matte medium
  • Cheesecloth
  • Lace Ribbon
  • Chipboard word

Spray inks are a lot of fun to use but they are super messy. I’ve managed to colour myself in all the pretty colours tonight!

Collage Art Journaling – creativity takes courage

Here is the link to today’s art. 

 I will not lie, I did most of this page last night when I did the birch panels (which have totally transformed, more on that in a sec!). I pieced on a lot of the little scraps of leftover papers that were to small to keep but my hoarding side wanted to save using Golden matte medium as a glue. I then soaked up a lot of the paint and ink drips from last night’s art on top of the paper. It made for some interesting effects.  

 I then spread some gesso with a pallette knife over the page. I wanted a streaky look and I think it turned out great. Some of the paints were still wet so the gesso absorbed some of the colour which helped blend it in a bit. 

So today, I didn’t do much. I added the cheese cloth and key, and the quote. I 

 I dyed the underlayer of cheesecloth with a bit of Dylusions Dirty Martini green and the middle piece with Tim Holtz Vintage Photo spray. The key is a canvas embellishment I got a Michaels. I think it’s by MSPCI (sorry, no name brand on it, the pack it came in was in the $1.50 bin). 

 The quote is a Tim Holtz idea-ology small talk quote. I like a lot of the quotes in this pack but this one spoke to me. It took courage to begin this project, this 366 Days of Art project I mean, and I’m glad I did it. My creativity has grown, I think, and I feel so much better flexing my creative muscles in this way. And I feel happier. It’s not a chore, this project, it’s a pleasure. It’s a way of getting me out of my own head, a way of relaxing after the day, my destress time. I cannot imagine my day without it now.  

So this morning I didn’t just work on the journal page. I worked on the panels from last night. After I took all the pictures and posted everything for last night’s art, I set about on the second step. It was a little scary, what if I ruined everything? But that’s good. Art should be scary sometimes! Taking chances is a big part of growing as an artist, and this was a big chance! 

 Last night I coated the panels with a thick coat of gel medium to dull the panels and get a foggy top coat. This morning, the panels were drier but, I could tell that I didn’t put a thick enough coat on, so I added a second layer. 

 It’s still a little scary but exhilarating as well. I’m excited to get them completed and I’m excited to see how the panels turn out. It’s probably going to take a couple days to dry but, as soon as they do, I’ll update. I’ll hopefully have the last step done then too. 

Abstract Mixed Media Materials

So far, I love how these pieces for today’s 366 Days of Art have come together.  

 They’re done on birch panels I bought at The Paint Spot (love that store!) and covered with gesso, journaled on a couple, and then stuck scraps of papers down with Golden matte medium. I then dripped Golden Sepia fluid acrylic, and Liquitex Professional phthalocyanine green and yellow orange azo ink on them to create the layers of colour.  

   I then scraped some more Golden Gesso over the panels and flicked on some gesso spatters.  
   They’re not done yet though. Once they’re fully dry, I plan on doing a bit more. I won’t say what here, I want it to be a surprise! 

Mixed Media Projects – All the Art

I had a lot of fun and made a few things tonight 🙂  

 And I made a mess.  

 I used a lot of supplies too. Like, pretty much one of everything. Golden and Liquitex professional paints, inka gold, Heidi Swapp texture paste and spray, Dylusion sprays, paint pens, Art C paste, art basics 3D matte gel, bo bunny rose gold texture paste, Finnabair wings, and keys from my stash. And gesso and tiny canvases and the star ornaments that I’ve had forever (seriously, I bought them at Lewiscraft, which, if you’re in Canada, you know how long ago that store closed so you know how long I’ve had these stars). 


the universe took a long time to build – about 

Or, at least this one did.  

 I’ve been working on today’s painting for a long time. Months. I’d work on it, leave it for a few weeks, work some more, leave it, look at it, leave it…. And on, and on, and on. I think though that the gradual building of layers of watercolour really made it amazing.  

 There are so many layers here. I can only speculate as the the materials I used. Pretty sure I used my Derwent Inktenses, Faber-Castell, Staedtler, and new Caran d’Aches Watercolour pencils. I know there are gelatos on this as well as the new Tim Holtz Distress Crayons. I’m prettier sure there’s also the Neocolor II wax pastels as well. And that’s just the base layer! 

 For the pinks and greens I used Distress Sprays and Dylusions. And I think that’s it. Probably. Possibly.  

 Oh and the stars are Liquitex professional gesso. I knew I missed something. 

You Can Do Anything, But Not Everything Art Journal Page

  I’ve been wanting to make today’s page ever since I found the quote in the Tim Holtz idea-ology small talk pack.  

 Well. I knew I needed to make a journal page with that quote as a reminder to myself that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. 

Here’s the thing about me though. I hate admitting I’m human and I hate admitting I have limitations. I hate asking for help and and I really hate looking weak. And I really, really hate admitting I was wrong when I took on to much and my husband warned me I was probably overestimating my abilities because I’m only human just like everyone else. I hate it. I had to admit it not to long ago though. I tried to do it all and realized I couldn’t. Not without losing my sanity at least. And you know what? At the end of the day, my pride is not worth my sanity. So I let one thing go and, although I’m still running like mad trying to catch up, at least it’s not as much as I was trying to do before.  And I really am going to try to remember, it’s ok to be human. And I can do anything, but not everything all at once. 

 Materials Used:

  • Tim Holtz idea-ology small talk quote
  • Liquitex professional alizarine Crimson
  • Golden heavy body acrylics – carbon black and quinacridone magenta
  • Faber-Castell Pitt pen
  • Sharpie white paint pen
  • Staedtler triplus fineliner black


Flower Power Process

Today’s page actually was quick and easy. A cool background with a black and white flower pop in the foreground. Didn’t clutter it up to much, just some simple paint splatters with the paint pen for extra dimension.  

  I started with a light spread of Liquitex basics acrylic in leached titanium as the base colour. That way, any of the page that shows through would not be stark white.  
 Then I mixed up dioxazine purple and primary red to make the bottom. I added them both in layers as well for extra dimension. For the top I used cerulean blue and phthalocyanine blue. As I was spreading the blues, the Reds from the bottom, which weren’t dry, spread and mixed in a bit. It created a cool effect.  

 For the flower, I outlined it in both the Sharpie paint pen and the Faber-Castell Pitt pen. It was painted in with a tiny bit of titanium white and ivory black Liquitex acrylic paints. The stem was done in the Sharpie and Pitt pens. I added some splatters with the Sharpie and it was done