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you are so amazing canvas

Did a little canvas tonight. Lots of blues in this one. 

Layered the blues while wet in the background then added black and white accents with found objects. I also added some small doodle stars and hearts as well as a bit of journaling. Words of encouragement. 

I’ll be taking this one to the Made Local Society store tomorrow and selling it in the shop. I know it’ll go to someone amazing. 

Starry Night Painting

Tonight I worked on an old art journal page that had leftover bits of paint and molding paste on it. 

You can still see some of the words up close. 

I used all my favourite, darker colours tonight. Dioxazine purple, phthalocyanine blue, turquoise, indigo and black. Tools used include my catalyst tool (love it!) and a fan brush to splatter paint. 

Speaking of splattering… 

It’s messy work, but the results are always fun!

Green Canvas

Honestly, that doesn’t even begin to describe if. Maybe, oil slick, or nebula, or rain forest. Not sure yet which is why it’s beings defaulted to the green canvas. 

Whatever I end up calling it doesn’t matter. What really matters is how frickin’ cool this turned out. Seriously. I am so proud of this one. I love the colours. I love the texture of the molding paste used. I love the way the colour seeped into the crevices and pooled and created such depth. 

This is one of my favourite parts. The colour, layers of texture, and the shininess just look so neat. 

The texture is pretty cool here too. 

There are a bunch more pictures up on the 366 Days of Art post. Definitely check it out tonight

Neon Doodling (Hi, the 90s called…)

I really like doodling like this

It’s fun , creating the different patterns, making the little drawings, using the oil pens. I do like these pens. They are bright and have good coverage. 

The background was leftover paint from yesterday. I filled a blank page in my little journal with leftover black acrylic and then, with the white paint, created some fun patterns over it. And today, I used craft smart oil based pens to do the doodles. 

I only used 2 colours and, because of the hues used, it kinda reminds me of the patterns prevalent in 90s design.  Nostalgic, right?

shine like the whole universe is yours 

Tim Holtz has the best sentiments. 

Disclaimer: my desk has been a mess and that is part of the reason I’ve been working on my line drawings lately. I didn’t want to clean it up!

Tonight I sat down and did a mixed media journal page. It was so nice to get back to painting. 

So much paint. So much mess. So much fun. 

I used a bunch of acrylic paints and stencils to create the background and then stamped over top with archival ink. 

I used a variety of stamps and stencils by Tim Holtz, Heidi Swapp, and The Crafters Workshop. The sentiment came from Tim Holtz idea-ology line, small talk and was outlined with charcoal. 

It was super fun and therapeutic. I’m glad I cleaned my desk off and got back into it!

Be Brave Art Journal Page 

Today I finally used my big mixed media art journal. 

I bought it a while ago and finally started using it today. Can’t wait to do another piece in here!

I actually started today with a reorganization of all my paints. I bought some new supplies and wanted to put everything away first. 

Yes, I have a lot of paint. Of course I bought more today. Of course I did.

I did use the new supplies today. I used my new Dylusion acrylic paints to create the background (no picture, sorry) and then used 5 stencils to add more paint layers. Ended up looking like this.  

Now, I love this. I could have left it here. But…. I didn’t. When you’re making art, sometimes you have to be brave. 

I took a star light I had (because of course I don’t have a stencil big enough) and used painters tape on the edge to protect it then painted the page with black acrylic paints. Scary!

I think it turned out though!

endless possibilities art journal page

There’s so much potential in every new night of arting. So much potential to become something amazing. 

Tonight I decided to build texture. Layers of old book pages, textured drywall tape, and cheesecloth made up the base of this page. These were stuck down with Golden soft matte gel. 

I then added spots of Golden crackle paste, journaling, and Golden gesso.

I used Distress Inks in browns and pinks and Dylusion spray ink in green to add the colours. I then added a bit of doodling and the page title. 

I used a scrap of burlap I painted white with the gesso as a base for the brass winged key.

Pretty happy with this one. I used limited products, scraps, and found objects to make this page. I think it turned out pretty cool. 

Creativity Art Journal Page

Played around with layers of different mediums tonight

Started with acrylic paint then added layers of ink sprays and water. Topped it off with the ripped book pages, lace, burlap, and metal tag. 

I finally added splattered some more ink and white gesso over it all. 

Materials Used: 

  • Golden soft gel medium
  • Golden acrylic paints
  • Liquitex professional gesso and acrylic paints
  • Winsor & Newtob acrylic paint
  • Dylusion ink sprays

Inspire Journal Page

I wanted to make today’s page a little different. I also wanted to play with texture and colours. 

I started with a layer of crumpled up kraft paper stuck down with Golden matte medium and then added layers of Dylusion spray inks. I sprayed water to mix the colours and continued adding more layers of colour and water until I was satisfied. 

I then added the cheesecloth, lace and chipboard word from my stash of useful stuff. 

The word was coloured with evening primrose Silks acrylic glaze. 

Materials Used:

  • Dylusion spray inks
  • Distress ink sprays
  • Heidi Swapp colour shine spray
  • Distress paint
  • Silks acrylic glaze
  • Golden matte medium
  • Cheesecloth
  • Lace Ribbon
  • Chipboard word

Spray inks are a lot of fun to use but they are super messy. I’ve managed to colour myself in all the pretty colours tonight!

Fluffy Art Journal Page

Tonight’s page was done with a limited pallette. 

I wanted to do a simple page with a single flower focal. It turned out a little bigger than I wanted but, it’s so fluffy, it’s pretty fun. 

Materials Used: 

  • Liquitex basics titanium white
  • Golden acrylic carbon black
  • Winsor & Newton Galleria deep turquoise
  • Pebeo studio cadmium yellow medium