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Devil Girl Art Journal Page

Ok, confession: I get bored easily. I’m bored with the 12 Days of Christmas theme already so, I decided to change it up. 

Instead of typing it all out again, here’s the reasons why I changed the theme. 

I started by sketching out the girl. 

A lot changes over the course of the creation, but I always start with a sketch. Then I start with either the paint or, in this case, ink. That’s always the scariest part. 

I erase the pencil lines then start adding more details. The hair in this case, was done with an elegant writer pen and water brush so it comes out multi-hued. 

I then used some coloured pens to add a touch more colour to the page. 

We’ve Come This Far

How much further can we go?

I’m referring to improving myself as an artist, that is. Tonight was a bit self reflective. I was thinking about the work in progress I started last night and how, even a year ago, I wouldn’t have dared sharing it online let alone being happy with it. And now? After almost a year of constantly sharing (perhaps some might say, oversharing), and creating, and drawing, and making, I’m feeling pretty good. Good about sharing what I’ve made. Good about what I’ve made. Happy and pleased it’s the results (most of the time). And when thugs don’t turn out? I’m ok sharing that too. 

Growth is good. And this project forced me to grow as not only an artist, but as a confident human being. 

In case you were wondering, last night’s picture. 

close to the end journal page

Sitting in school right now and I decided to do my art while I wait for class to start. 

These are long days; work from 7-4 then school until 9:30/10. Work 5 days a week, class twice a week, and at the store on Saturdays. Is it any wonder I am tired so much? 

Worked with very limited supplies in my fancy journal tonight. Just used a pencil, Bic pen, the Speedball Elegant Writer pen and a waterbrush. Oh, and a couple pieces of washi tape that were already stuck on the page. 

I draw poppies to calm my soul

Tonight was another combination page. 

I started with the poppies then added the journaling. I knew what I wanted to say, but it was a bit hard. No one likes to admit when they’re being silly so this page was easier to start with the drawing. I like drawing poppies. Their design might be simple but their beauty is anything but. And I really like doing them in the elegant writer ink. I love the colours and splatters that happen when it gets wet. 

As I’m sure was noticed, I wasn’t quite brace enough to share my emotions without covering them up with the washi tape. Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough. 

Procrastinator Art Journal Page

Did another of these hybrid pages tonight

It’s growing on me. The little drawings, the journaling, the whole feel of it. I’m starting to see the appeal. I’ll definitely do more now. 

The pages are basic. Ink drawings with a touch of colour and washi tape. The washi tape adds another fun touch. Good thing I have so much, I can mix it up with that! 

new beginnings art journaling

This page turned out pretty. It started with leftover paint from the other night, spread as a background for this page. 

I liked the colours; a mixed of browns, blacks, pinks, and nude shades so I continued the colour scheme. I used stencils to add on layers of texture in the same colours but added pops of purple and teal. 

I finally added the stamped phrase as the header for the page. 

It’s not my usual art journal colour scheme. New beginnings, perhaps? 

Art Dump

I’ve done a few things over the past couple nights I didn’t post as part of my 366 Days of Art project. Here are some of the pictures. 

Garden Mixed Media Materials

Should be studying still but I’m to tired to concentrate. Instead, enjoy today’s art.  

 Very quick mixed media page in my little Strathmore Mixed Media Journal (5.5″x8.5″). 

  I used a lot of Ranger products today, mostly because I wanted to test out the new Tim Holtz Distress Crayons I bought. (Super fun, by the way). In addition to the crayons I used some Watercolour pencils (Derwent Inktense, Faber-Castell, and Caran d’Ache), and some splashes of both the Dylusion spray inks and Distress inks. And to finish, I used my Faber-Castell Ecco pigment liner pen for the doodles.  


Flower Power Process

Today’s page actually was quick and easy. A cool background with a black and white flower pop in the foreground. Didn’t clutter it up to much, just some simple paint splatters with the paint pen for extra dimension.  

  I started with a light spread of Liquitex basics acrylic in leached titanium as the base colour. That way, any of the page that shows through would not be stark white.  
 Then I mixed up dioxazine purple and primary red to make the bottom. I added them both in layers as well for extra dimension. For the top I used cerulean blue and phthalocyanine blue. As I was spreading the blues, the Reds from the bottom, which weren’t dry, spread and mixed in a bit. It created a cool effect.  

 For the flower, I outlined it in both the Sharpie paint pen and the Faber-Castell Pitt pen. It was painted in with a tiny bit of titanium white and ivory black Liquitex acrylic paints. The stem was done in the Sharpie and Pitt pens. I added some splatters with the Sharpie and it was done 


Live Every Day Journal Page Materials

I kinda loved this one. Lots of colour, lots of texture. And I love my new stencil quote from Donna Downey Studios! 

 I started this page with a leftover paint page. Lots of paint, some stenciling, not a lot of direction. The best kind of page!

 I didn’t want to cover the entire background as it was fun which worked well as I wanted bright colours. I knew the yellows and orange I chose wouldn’t completely cover the background so decided to stick to the same stencils that were already present, namely the Dylusion Large Holes and Prima Stripes & Dots. I decided to add more of these plus a new one, the Americans Pixelated. The blue that was in the background was still showing through the lighter colours so I decided to use phthalocyanine blue as the stencil layer. I also used white Golden Gesso. 

  I added the Heidi Swapp rose as the focal but wanted to make sure to leave room for the quote. I ended up taping off parts of the quote to make it fit. 

The Liquitex Light Modeling Paste used to give dimension to the quote was a bit too transparent so I painted over it with gesso. I then outlined it with my Faber-Castell Pitt Pen. 

A lot of work to this one but a lot of fun. Very relaxing.  

Materials Used:  

Oh. And I also tested out a few new markers. Here is that little drawing.