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Collage Art Journaling – creativity takes courage

Here is the link to today’s art. 

 I will not lie, I did most of this page last night when I did the birch panels (which have totally transformed, more on that in a sec!). I pieced on a lot of the little scraps of leftover papers that were to small to keep but my hoarding side wanted to save using Golden matte medium as a glue. I then soaked up a lot of the paint and ink drips from last night’s art on top of the paper. It made for some interesting effects.  

 I then spread some gesso with a pallette knife over the page. I wanted a streaky look and I think it turned out great. Some of the paints were still wet so the gesso absorbed some of the colour which helped blend it in a bit. 

So today, I didn’t do much. I added the cheese cloth and key, and the quote. I 

 I dyed the underlayer of cheesecloth with a bit of Dylusions Dirty Martini green and the middle piece with Tim Holtz Vintage Photo spray. The key is a canvas embellishment I got a Michaels. I think it’s by MSPCI (sorry, no name brand on it, the pack it came in was in the $1.50 bin). 

 The quote is a Tim Holtz idea-ology small talk quote. I like a lot of the quotes in this pack but this one spoke to me. It took courage to begin this project, this 366 Days of Art project I mean, and I’m glad I did it. My creativity has grown, I think, and I feel so much better flexing my creative muscles in this way. And I feel happier. It’s not a chore, this project, it’s a pleasure. It’s a way of getting me out of my own head, a way of relaxing after the day, my destress time. I cannot imagine my day without it now.  

So this morning I didn’t just work on the journal page. I worked on the panels from last night. After I took all the pictures and posted everything for last night’s art, I set about on the second step. It was a little scary, what if I ruined everything? But that’s good. Art should be scary sometimes! Taking chances is a big part of growing as an artist, and this was a big chance! 

 Last night I coated the panels with a thick coat of gel medium to dull the panels and get a foggy top coat. This morning, the panels were drier but, I could tell that I didn’t put a thick enough coat on, so I added a second layer. 

 It’s still a little scary but exhilarating as well. I’m excited to get them completed and I’m excited to see how the panels turn out. It’s probably going to take a couple days to dry but, as soon as they do, I’ll update. I’ll hopefully have the last step done then too. 

Today’s Arting

Here is the link to today’s art piece.  

 I can’t go any further tonight as the paint is pretty thickly spread and its still quite wet. I’ll finish it up tomorrow! 


Galaxy Girl Materials

I kinda like drawing girls with blue hair and then warercolouring them.  

 Today’s painting was exactly how I envisioned it would be.  

 I started with a sketch of the girl.  Then started shading her with the watercolour pencils. 

 She looks funny here but once I added water, she came to life.  

 I like how she turned out. The shading was fun and I’ll definitely do it again. She’s surreal and whimsical and slightly aloof like she’s seen it all. I love it. 

Materials Used:

  • Golden carbon black acrylic paint
  • Liquitex professional gesso (watered down and splattered for stars)
  • Prima Marketing soft neutral Watercolour pencils 
  • Caran d’Ache Museum Watercolour pencils – 181, 670
  • Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer Watercolour pencils – purple violet, light ultramarine
  • Stabilo watersoluble pencil
  • Lyra Rembrandt grafit aquarell 4B
  • Faber-Castell graphite aquarelle
  • Derwent Inktense green aquamarine
  • Staedtler aquarell pink

I hope you liked it!  

Creating Art Journal Page Process

Here is the link to today’s page. 

I started with a semi painted junk page and pulled my colours from the pain already down, primarily, gold. 

  I wanted the gold to look old and patinaed so I added in a bit of aqua green and cerulean blue.  I stenciled over the paint with bronze, copper and more aqua green. 

I kept building up the texture through more stenciling, stamping and splatters.  

I had a hard time deciding what the focal image would be until I decided to use the big butterfly stamp in one of my sets as the outline for some butterflies up the page.  


Then I added my quote.   



Keep Going Journal Page

It’s tough when things don’t work out. Especially when you put so much effort into them. Take today for example. For today’s art, I wanted to make a demo video for the elegant writer pens. Didn’t work. I was feeling very down on myself and hated everything about the videos. So, instead of continuing to feel bad, I switched gears and got messy instead with this journal page.

Keep going.  Just because things don’t work out the first time, doesn’t mean you should quit. You just found the first way it doesn’t work.

I do love this page. I am disappointed the video didn’t turn out, but I’ll try again with the video tomorrow.  I’ll keep going.

Charcoal Egg and Other Stuff Materials

Here is the link to today’s arting. 

I did more charcoal and, while the dark shading worked, I find myself looking at the highlights and thinking it could use more work.  

This was very straightforward. Generals 5B Charcoal in my 300 Series Strathmore 9″ X 12″ journal. 

The other stuff was a bit more complicated. I took a bookbinding basics class today, put on by a member of CBBAG (pronounced cabbage, which I think is too cute). We learned 2 basic stitches, pamphlet and a line stitch. We also learned a few different knots used and made a book cradle. This journal, is the end result of a full day of learning and making.   

 I made a few mistakes on it but I learned lots and can’t wait to make my next one. 

I also made myself a bracelet. I’ve been looking at a lot of handmade beads lately and it made me dig out my stash and make something (I’m a terrible crafter – I don’t make, I hoard). 

 Copper and lampworked beads.

Live Every Day Journal Page Materials

I kinda loved this one. Lots of colour, lots of texture. And I love my new stencil quote from Donna Downey Studios! 

 I started this page with a leftover paint page. Lots of paint, some stenciling, not a lot of direction. The best kind of page!

 I didn’t want to cover the entire background as it was fun which worked well as I wanted bright colours. I knew the yellows and orange I chose wouldn’t completely cover the background so decided to stick to the same stencils that were already present, namely the Dylusion Large Holes and Prima Stripes & Dots. I decided to add more of these plus a new one, the Americans Pixelated. The blue that was in the background was still showing through the lighter colours so I decided to use phthalocyanine blue as the stencil layer. I also used white Golden Gesso. 

  I added the Heidi Swapp rose as the focal but wanted to make sure to leave room for the quote. I ended up taping off parts of the quote to make it fit. 

The Liquitex Light Modeling Paste used to give dimension to the quote was a bit too transparent so I painted over it with gesso. I then outlined it with my Faber-Castell Pitt Pen. 

A lot of work to this one but a lot of fun. Very relaxing.  

Materials Used:  

Oh. And I also tested out a few new markers. Here is that little drawing.