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Tonight, I made a gigantic mess and it was glorious. 

This is the page I made. I started with a page that was already covered with left over paint, drips and drops, and handprints. 

You can’t really see much of it showing through anymore. If you look closely in some areas, you’ll see the texture still though, from my palms. 

I love the texture and layers on this page. I used stencils, found materials, a brayer, and stamps to create the different layers. It kinda came together like magic. 

I decided to hand write a quote from Winstob Churchill and add it as the focal to the page. I’ve been thinking about this quote a lot lately. This one and the one line from my Dad’s favourite poem, Don’t Quit – when you’re hardest hit, don’t you dare quit

Not sure why I’ve been thinking about these lines. Well, yes, I do. It’s because I’ve had a lot on my mind and a lot on the go lately. Work, school, art, finals, the Made Local Society, and trying to not only keep up with it all, but also do a good job at it all. It’s tiring and hard to keep going when you don’t remember why you’re trying to do all the things at once. 

I have to constantly remind myself not to quit. Don’t give up. There are reasons you’re doing this Jasmin. You like your job. You like supporting local arts. You love making art. You’re working towards your degree, and you’re going to get it dammit. Yes you’re tired, yes it’s a lot, but don’t quit. Never ever ever ever ever give up. 

You got this. 

stronger than yesterday art journal page

I used up one of the pages in my journal tonight that had excess paint on it. These pages collect all sorts of paints and patterns so they can be both fun and challenging to work with. This page in particular had excess blue and gold paint swiped on. I actually started using this one before, but I wasn’t  happy with the way it was looking so abandonded it to move on to something different. That’s why on tonight’s page, you can see the beginnings of a heart silhouette and the black paint on the edges. There’s also a faint pattern on the page in black from the paper towel I was using way back when I first started this page. 

I added the silhouette (this time I used the interior of the shape and filled it in). I added more black paint on the edges and sprayed it down to make it drop down the page. I finally added the quote and I was done. 

Getting Lost Journaling

I decided to do a journal page tonight

I actually started a canvas last night but wasn’t super inspired to work on it so instead did this page. 

The wip canvas from yesterday. 

Heard the news that Leonard Cohen had passed away today and it was a blow. Another amazing musician lost in 2016 so I decided to dedicate today’s page to music. It’s a little scattered (or a lot, let’s be honest) with lyrics and ink splatters and drawings and then the journaling on top of it all but , yeah. It’s how I felt when I thought about all the loss this year. Honestly, every time I hear of a musician passing, it reminds me I lost my dad this year. My dad was a big lover of books and music and I got the love of both from him. 

Anyways. Another art and journaling page. It’s messy and rather scattered (like this post) but it’s a reflection of my brain right now. 

Journal Page

Tried something different tonight. Journaled. Like, actually journaled with a pen on paper. 

The drawings were just as important as the words on the page. After all, this is an art project, right? 

Not 100% sure this is for me. It feels super vulnerable to write down words on a page and share that as opposed to typing words into this blog and sharing that. I, know, it’s weird. I’d be saying the exact same thing in a blog post but sharing words in my own writing feels, different. Not saying I won’t do it again at all though. I’ll definitely keep trying and pushing myself. Maybe it’ll grow on me. And I am thinking, this’ll be great if I need to travel more for work. Bring the journal, a pen, maybe some washi tape as an accent, and I’m good to go. 

Speaking of washi tape, I totally thought this one was a gothic chandelier when I bought it, instead it’s  little skulls and demons! I love it. 

Also, this page marks a milestone for me; finally started using my Dancing Moose handmade leather journal I bought at Artwalk (in July)! It’s a gorgeous, handmade leather journal, like, some of the pages are handmade too, and it was  very intimidating to start in. I couldn’t just record any old thing in this journal. It had to be special. 
I hope this qualifies as special. 

the bright side journal page materials

Sometimes you just need bright colours and a nonsensical song. Today’s page was inspired by both Dr.Seuss colours and the Monty Python song because I needed cheering up.   

 It’s fun, it’s bright, it’s just what I needed to do on the Thursday of an incredibly long week.  

 Materials Used: 

  • Liquitex basics acrylic paint. All the colours. For real. 
  • Staedtler triplus fineliner black pen
  • Dylusion and Tim Holtz stencils

  And a cat to keep me company.  

Dark Canvas Materials

Here is the link to today’s 366 Days of Art piece.  

 As you can see, I also did a journal page. I made it out of the leftover paint that accumulated on my paint tool.  

 Very sofisticated. It’s an old points card but it works great to spread paint across the canvas or page. Problem is, you can end up with a lot of paint loaded on it. Instead of wasting though, it I’ll use the paint as background on journal pages.  

 So I started yesterday and the page was very dark.  

 Pretty, but not what I had in mind for the end product. To get closer to what I was thinking, I started adding layers of colour today.  

 Like, all the colours. I struggled for a long time on the focal image. I almost wanted to leave it here. The layers just looked so cool. I ended up added the striped stem flower and loved it.  

 The journal page made a cool universe but also needed flowers. They’re much simpler than the canvas though c 

 By the way, the background for the journal page? Turned out super pretty.  

 Materials used:

  • 16″ X 20″ canvas
  • Golden gesso
  • Golden acrylic paints: light green, cadmium yellow light, manganese blue, cadmium red light, carbon black
  • Golden fluid acrylic teal
  • Pebeo studio acrylic vivid pink
  • Holbein acrylic colours Prussian blue
  • Grumbacher academy dioxazine purple
  • Liquitex basics quinacridone magenta
  • Liquitex professional heavy body acrylic: phthalocyanine blue, cadmium orange


Speak the Truth Journal Page

Don’t let fear muffle your voice

 Materials Used: 

  • Liquitex professional gesso
  • Liquitex professional acrylics – Naphthol Crimson, cadmium orange, phthalocyanine blue
  • Liquitex basics quinacridone magenta
  • Golden artist colours – light cadmium yellow
  • Sharpie paint pen green and white
  • Craftsmart pink paint pen
  • Faber-Castell Pitt pen
  • Kuretake fudegkochi brush pen (amazing pen!)


Pensive Journaling Materials

Here is the link for today’s journaling.  

 The reason for the name, Pensive Journaling, is I’m in a rather introspective mood. I’m trying very hard to let go of the anger I’ve carried today and, in letting go, I’m thinking a lot about a lot of things. Mainly, what am I doing? And that requires a lot of deep, introspective thoughts.  

So here we are. 

 I also finished the page from the weekend. I added part of Robert Frost’s poem, The Road Not Taken. I read this as a kid and it’s stuck with me ever since (this one and the variations of the Road poem from The Lord of the Rings). They help calm my mind and I find myself repeating them when I’m thinking. 

Materials Used: 

  • Golden Gesso
  • Golden Acrylic Paints: carbon black, cadmium yellow light, quinacridone magenta, manganese blue, ultramarine violet


You Can Do Anything, But Not Everything Art Journal Page

  I’ve been wanting to make today’s page ever since I found the quote in the Tim Holtz idea-ology small talk pack.  

 Well. I knew I needed to make a journal page with that quote as a reminder to myself that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. 

Here’s the thing about me though. I hate admitting I’m human and I hate admitting I have limitations. I hate asking for help and and I really hate looking weak. And I really, really hate admitting I was wrong when I took on to much and my husband warned me I was probably overestimating my abilities because I’m only human just like everyone else. I hate it. I had to admit it not to long ago though. I tried to do it all and realized I couldn’t. Not without losing my sanity at least. And you know what? At the end of the day, my pride is not worth my sanity. So I let one thing go and, although I’m still running like mad trying to catch up, at least it’s not as much as I was trying to do before.  And I really am going to try to remember, it’s ok to be human. And I can do anything, but not everything all at once. 

 Materials Used:

  • Tim Holtz idea-ology small talk quote
  • Liquitex professional alizarine Crimson
  • Golden heavy body acrylics – carbon black and quinacridone magenta
  • Faber-Castell Pitt pen
  • Sharpie white paint pen
  • Staedtler triplus fineliner black


Go Confidently Canvas

Here is the link to today’s piece of art.

I also made a journal page tonight, in the same colours.  

 I used leftover paint from the canvas and added in some doodles and flowers. 

Materials Used:

  • Golden paints: carbon black, phthalo green, cadmium yellow light, cadmium red light, light green, manganese blue, quinacridone magenta
  • Golden gesso
  • Golden fluid acrylic teal
  • Neocolor II wax pastels
  • Faber-Castell Pitt pens: big brush, brush, white
  • Faber-Castell Ecco pigment pen
  • Staedtler pigment liner and fineliner