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Devil Girl Art Journal Page

Ok, confession: I get bored easily. I’m bored with the 12 Days of Christmas theme already so, I decided to change it up. 

Instead of typing it all out again, here’s the reasons why I changed the theme. 

I started by sketching out the girl. 

A lot changes over the course of the creation, but I always start with a sketch. Then I start with either the paint or, in this case, ink. That’s always the scariest part. 

I erase the pencil lines then start adding more details. The hair in this case, was done with an elegant writer pen and water brush so it comes out multi-hued. 

I then used some coloured pens to add a touch more colour to the page. 

Introvert Solutions Journal Page

I took a few days off from arting (as may or may not have been noticed) and I feel zero guilt. Sometimes you just need a break. But, I’m back tonight with an art journal page done while waiting for class to start. 

I started with the sketch of the girl then added the inking. I did her hair with a coupe different ink pens that gave different effects and colouring. 

I’m happy to be arting again though. It’s nice therapy. 

It’s especially nice while at school. It not only kills time, but it gives me a place to escape and recharge a bit. 

Old Tree Drawing

Just a small drawing tonight of a tree. 

A quick pen sketch in my small drawing journal. In all the things I’ve drawn, I’m actually surprised I haven’t done a tree yet. 

The black mark on the page is actually from my nail polish rubbing off when I was erasing the sketc lines. Sigh. 

The feather was from a few days ago. Another small pen drawing in my small journal. 

A little pink elephant who lost her balloon that I doodled up in class tonight. 

I Drew You a Rose -Watercolour

Tonight I went simple and colourful. 

I used my Watercolour journal and my Derwent Inktense pencils and did a very simple rose. I highlighted the petals with a sharpie pen. 

Very simple. 

This is from last night. A pen drawing, camping under the mountains. 

hiding watercolour drawing

Some days it’s better to just hide from the world. Bundle up, hunker down, build a blanket fort, and put everyone on ignore. Today’s art reflects that. 

I have a lot more I can say today regarding this but instead will continue to bite my tongue and not say anything at all. Some days, that is for the best. 

Done with Faber-Castell Pitt pens, Derwent Inktense pencils, and water. 

be open to whatever comes next

I actually started a different project tonight but needed to let it dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step. 

I tested the technique last night in my art journal and decided to do a canvas tonight. I’m going to work on it tomorrow once all the matte medium is completely dried. For tonight though, I made this. 

It started out as a rather ugly colour but had some lovely texture to it. I covered it in Golden gesso and added some bright pink and neon yellow Pebeo paint over top. Then I sprayed black Dylusion ink over top. 

The doodles were done with my Pitt pen and the sentiment is a Tom Holtz small talk sticker. 

I like this one. Full of potential and perhaps pointing to what may come. 

Abstract Mixed Media Materials

So far, I love how these pieces for today’s 366 Days of Art have come together.  

 They’re done on birch panels I bought at The Paint Spot (love that store!) and covered with gesso, journaled on a couple, and then stuck scraps of papers down with Golden matte medium. I then dripped Golden Sepia fluid acrylic, and Liquitex Professional phthalocyanine green and yellow orange azo ink on them to create the layers of colour.  

   I then scraped some more Golden Gesso over the panels and flicked on some gesso spatters.  
   They’re not done yet though. Once they’re fully dry, I plan on doing a bit more. I won’t say what here, I want it to be a surprise! 

Derwent Inktense Journal Page

I love getting new art supplies. And new books, but that’s another post. It’s like Christmas. Today I finally got my order from the beginning of February from Simon Says Stamp (don’t ask, it was a huge debacle, thanks Canada Post). I bought these as part of my order.  

 Cue heavy breathing 

So, needless to say, I was very excited to create something tonight.  

I used a ton of the Inktense colours to make this rainbow background. Then I doodled.  

A lot of doodling using my Faber-Castell Pitt pens and my medium Elegant Writer pen. 

 It’s just a little page (5.5″x8.5″) but it makes a big impact. 

Garden Mixed Media Materials

Should be studying still but I’m to tired to concentrate. Instead, enjoy today’s art.  

 Very quick mixed media page in my little Strathmore Mixed Media Journal (5.5″x8.5″). 

  I used a lot of Ranger products today, mostly because I wanted to test out the new Tim Holtz Distress Crayons I bought. (Super fun, by the way). In addition to the crayons I used some Watercolour pencils (Derwent Inktense, Faber-Castell, and Caran d’Ache), and some splashes of both the Dylusion spray inks and Distress inks. And to finish, I used my Faber-Castell Ecco pigment liner pen for the doodles.  


Red Roses Canvas Materials

Today’s canvas was a big one. 16″ X 20″ which is the biggest I’ve ever painted.I usually work on smaller ones and the big journals I’ve been using were, up until now, the biggest art I’ve created. It’s exciting to be growing. However. There is a problem with using big canvases or, canvases in general (and not my journals). I’m running out of room to store them on my shelves! 

 And this isn’t even half of them! I have a whole box full of the smaller ones that are just sitting there, taking up space. 

So to solve this issue, it’s time to start selling them. I’ll be looking into scanning them so I can make prints and I’ll be putting the originals up on Etsy. I will post a link when I get that done. 

Anyways. Back to today’s art. Another fairy tale piece, this one, Alice in Wonderland. I do want to do an Alice portrait still, maybe tomorrow. 

Here is the link to the canvas.  

 I had a hard time getting a good picture without glare tonight. I’ll try again tomorrow but this just reminds me that I really need to pull out my good cameras to get better pictures to share.  

Materials Used:

  • Liquitex professional gesso
  • Golden gesso
  • Golden acrylic glazing liquid gloss (and suddenly I realize why I have so much glare on today’s canvas, sigh)
  • Golden acrylic paints: carbon black, quinacridone magenta
  • Liquitex alizarin Crimson
  • Liquitex professional ink quinacridone magenta
  • Faber-Castell Pitt pen
  • White Sharpie oil based paint pen