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mixed media girl with glasses

I haven’t had to wear my glasses in a while, usually only late in the evening when I’m tired. I’ve pretty much hit a wall tonight and I’ve been wearing them all evening. I think I’ve been go, go, go for too long and I’m just exhausted (and here I am a 20 after 11, still up). Anyways, the glasses got me thinking, I’ve drawn a lot girls lately but none with glasses. So I decided to create one tonight

I like how she turned out. I started by sketching her out. 

Sketching the glasses was pointless because by the time I added paint, they were completely covered and I had to draw them in again. 

A little creep without the eyes but she was coming along nicely here. 

Her hair was primarily done with the speedball elegant writer pen. I added more colour with distress crayons, prima wax pastels, and acrylic paint as well. 

I like how she turned out. Even without the glasses, I think she’s an interesting character. 

Blue Girl Materials

Today was fun. I wanted to use watercolours and the elegant writer pens again and wanted to try them with a girl. I wanted to make her hair to be blowing in the wind and see what kind of textures is get with the pencils and pens. And lots and lots of water.

I’d like to think this is who I might be on the inside. Bright, colourful, and sparkling. It doesn’t come out often but I think this is who I am when I create art.

Materials Used:

Courage Journal Page Materials

Here is the link to yesterday’s 366 Days of Art. 

This page started out as a junk page. One of those pages used to clean off stencils or use up old paint on. 

Not that impressive to start.  

Added many layers of reds, yellows, and browns over top. Then I started adding in more layers with stencils, toilet paper rolls to get the circles, and paint flicks. Once it was dried I started on my girl.  

She came out not bad, I think. 

 I added my quote – a stamp from Stampers Anonymous that I absolutely love – and it was done! 

Materials Used: 

Ok, I cheated again. Here’s a picture of the materials list.