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Two Turtle Doves

Ok, so after posting last night, I realized this might be harder than I thought. Maids milking, ladies dancing, lords leaping??? What was I thinking? 

Well, I will give it my best shot anyways. Tonight are the two turtle doves. It’s a very sketchy drawing done in my lovely handmade art journal. 

I started by sketching it out then going over the lines in a very, very fine tip pen so it still looks sketchy. What can I say? Feathers look best sketchy, or at lest mine do. 

A Partridge in a Pear Tree

I’m back. Exams are done (for better or worse) and I’m happy to be making art again. 

I don’t actually know if it’s the first day of Christmas or not. I just decided to use this song as inspiration. I’ll do up the rest of the days too. It’ll be a fun little project in a project. 

We’ve Come This Far

How much further can we go?

I’m referring to improving myself as an artist, that is. Tonight was a bit self reflective. I was thinking about the work in progress I started last night and how, even a year ago, I wouldn’t have dared sharing it online let alone being happy with it. And now? After almost a year of constantly sharing (perhaps some might say, oversharing), and creating, and drawing, and making, I’m feeling pretty good. Good about sharing what I’ve made. Good about what I’ve made. Happy and pleased it’s the results (most of the time). And when thugs don’t turn out? I’m ok sharing that too. 

Growth is good. And this project forced me to grow as not only an artist, but as a confident human being. 

In case you were wondering, last night’s picture. 

Little Eyes Zentangle

Some days we do small art in between crowds of people at the store. Today, I did this little zentangle. 

It’s nice to do little things sometimes. And the best thing about these little zentangles, no matter how often I might repeat the patterns I use, they’re never the same. 

Doodle Days

A zentangle drawing for tonight.

And one for last night as well. 

Last night’s was done while waiting for clas to start. I was going to say these are quick little arts to do but, depending on how complex I make them, they’re actually not that quick. What they are though, is less messy than an art journal page. Sometimes I don’t feel like pulling out all the things to make a big, elaborate art piece so these are nice to do on those days. 

Siren – Mixed Media 

Beware the siren’s song for once ensnared you are but bones on the seabed. Many an ancient ship was lost to the depths because of her plaintive, alluring song. 

I decided I wanted to do tonight’s girl from behind. Not a perspective I’m an expert in at all. I don’t think it turned out bad for a first attempt but I definitely need work. 

I knew I wanted to draw this one from behind and I thought who better to depict from behind than a mermaid? I think the skin turned out neat – she’s no little mermaid, more like a siren who lured sailors to their death in the depths. I think that my favourite part though turned out to be her hair. Super textured and fun, full of pearls and gems and seaweed. 

Procrastinator Art Journal Page

Did another of these hybrid pages tonight

It’s growing on me. The little drawings, the journaling, the whole feel of it. I’m starting to see the appeal. I’ll definitely do more now. 

The pages are basic. Ink drawings with a touch of colour and washi tape. The washi tape adds another fun touch. Good thing I have so much, I can mix it up with that! 

Zentangle Owl and a Clean Workspace

I cleaned my studio tonight. 

I’m pretty excited, it’s been a while! The thing is though, I’ve cleaned it up and now I don’t want to make a mess in it again. So I did a drawing tonight instead. 

A little zentangle owl in my drawing journal. I would say it was a quick drawing but really, those little dots took a long time! 

These were from last night. Pencil drawings in the same journal. 

Fluffy Trees Drawing

A quick drawing again tonight as I’ve spent most of the night studying. Midterms next week and a 10 page paper   Fun times and not much time for art. 

This was at least a little stress relieving. 

Old Tree Drawing

Just a small drawing tonight of a tree. 

A quick pen sketch in my small drawing journal. In all the things I’ve drawn, I’m actually surprised I haven’t done a tree yet. 

The black mark on the page is actually from my nail polish rubbing off when I was erasing the sketc lines. Sigh. 

The feather was from a few days ago. Another small pen drawing in my small journal. 

A little pink elephant who lost her balloon that I doodled up in class tonight.