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Tonight I did a couple little drawings of very different girls. The first was more sketchy and without outlining. 

The second girl is a rag doll girl style. Not the best effort but I love the shading on her hair. 

It’s all a learning process. 

I Drew You a Rose -Watercolour

Tonight I went simple and colourful. 

I used my Watercolour journal and my Derwent Inktense pencils and did a very simple rose. I highlighted the petals with a sharpie pen. 

Very simple. 

This is from last night. A pen drawing, camping under the mountains. 

Black and White Campfire

Tonight’s art is another simple black and white line drawing. 

I’ve been enjoying these. They’re simple but fun little drawings. I sketch them out first, then they go over them with a black pen, usually a Sharpie. 

Wanderlust Drawings

I had to buy new doodling pens tonight. It was sad. My favourite pen is no longer being made so I had to test out some new ones. 

I tested the Bic Gel-ocity and Sharpie pen. The sharpie is great, a fine point pen that is easy to hold. The Bic, well it’s definitely not the same as my old Bic pens. The ink doesn’t flow as well and it’s not as smooth when coloring in. I’m a little sad to be honest. I’m going to keep looking and hopefully I’ll find the pen again. 

I did 4 little drawings tonight, testing the pens out. I think they turned out pretty cute. 

I had fun playing around with typography too. Very rudimentary, but it is something I’d like to explore further. 

hiding watercolour drawing

Some days it’s better to just hide from the world. Bundle up, hunker down, build a blanket fort, and put everyone on ignore. Today’s art reflects that. 

I have a lot more I can say today regarding this but instead will continue to bite my tongue and not say anything at all. Some days, that is for the best. 

Done with Faber-Castell Pitt pens, Derwent Inktense pencils, and water. 

Poppies Line Drawing

I like the starkness of tonight’s art. 

Simple black lines on a white page. 

The poppies are very simple too. Four petals each and the lines to indicate the flow of the petals. 

Done in my sketchbook with a Faber-Castell Pitt pen. 

Feather Drawing and Artwalk 

Here is the link to tonight’s art. 

I’m testing out some designs for a new project I want to try. I’d like to do these on a dictionary page I think. I’ll do a few more drawings like this over the next couple days before doing the real thing. 

Here is yesterday’s Artwalk art too. 

As I said in the post yesterday, I’ve heard a few different (and dirty) interpretations of this art. It’s supposed to be a woman walking down a path through the woods but you see whatever you like. 

Ice Queen Drawing

When I drew this one, she was looking a bit like a clown. 

And I definitely liked the imperfect look to her. I didn’t want to draw a perfect girl, perfection is boring. I think she turned out very interesting. 

I wanted to maintain the clownish proportions and look to her face. And I wanted her eyes to look a little disturbing. Is she just tired? Or is there something wrong with her? Why is she sad?

Yes, there most definitely are technical flaws too. Her eyes are missmatched, her mouth is out of line. I know I’m improving technically and, for this girl, that wasn’t what I was interested in creating. I was more interested in the shading around the eyes and through the face. I think she turned out to be an interesting character. Maybe I’ll write her a story soon. 

Here is the link to tonight’s art, enjoy! 

brown haired girl art journal page

I wanted to draw tonight and felt like drawing a girl. 

She was fun. I started by sketching her out. 

Then I outlined her in black Faber-Castell Pitt pens. 

I didn’t like the darker black lines after I was done so I knew I’d have to make her hair darker. I used my Prima Watercolour pencil crayons, Derwent Inktense, and Caran d’Arche Neocolor II wax pastels to colour her in. 

I love how the red looked as I added water. 

I then added a darker layer of red with a Carem Silks Acrylic glaze. 

Finally, I added the torn rice papers as a border with Golden matte medium. 

Touch ups to the white parts were done with Liquitex professional gesso.