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Some nights the doodles I do work out, other nights, not so much. Tonight I was trying to do something different and this is what I got. 

I don’t love it tonight. It’s cute, but not what I was going for. I was looking for something much sketchier, if that makes sense. Maybe if I stuck to pencil instead of going in with the pen…

And last night’s cat zentangle. 

Hotel Room Art Doodles

Sitting in my hotel room in Langley tonight doodling. I’m here for work, going to be training people on the computer systems we use in Edmonton. 

Tested out a new pen. I didn’t quite like it, especially for this paper. It’s a thick, inky pen, not super great for doodling on sketch (75lb) paper. 

Still. It’s kinda cute and I’m glad to be back to arting. 

Mushroom Doodle and Canvas Progress

Tested out a new pen tonight

It’s a constant hunt to find the perfect doodle pen. I don’t want to jinx it, but I might have found a good one. I’ll be doing a bit more testing though, to be sure. 

I didn’t do much work on the canvas tonight though. I just added another layer of molding paste for more texture. When it dries, I might add one final layer, not 100% certain yet. 

Dance and Sing Art Journal Page 

“Dance and sing, we are eternal;
Let us still be made with drinking:
‘Tis a madness less infernal than the madness caused by thinking.”

Tonight I doodled over an inky dark background page. I used a quote by John Davidson that I’ve loved since I discovered it in a book when I was a kid. 

I used paint pens in pink and silver for the quote and doodling. 

Neon Doodling (Hi, the 90s called…)

I really like doodling like this

It’s fun , creating the different patterns, making the little drawings, using the oil pens. I do like these pens. They are bright and have good coverage. 

The background was leftover paint from yesterday. I filled a blank page in my little journal with leftover black acrylic and then, with the white paint, created some fun patterns over it. And today, I used craft smart oil based pens to do the doodles. 

I only used 2 colours and, because of the hues used, it kinda reminds me of the patterns prevalent in 90s design.  Nostalgic, right?

Pomegranate Doodling

Finished the page from last night today. Well, maybe I might go in and add some black ink doodling. 

Did the doodling over my lunch at the Made Local Society with an oil pen. I am now covered in white oil paint. 

Very fun but, like I said, I might still go in and add some black for contrast. We will see 🙂

Wanderlust Drawings

I had to buy new doodling pens tonight. It was sad. My favourite pen is no longer being made so I had to test out some new ones. 

I tested the Bic Gel-ocity and Sharpie pen. The sharpie is great, a fine point pen that is easy to hold. The Bic, well it’s definitely not the same as my old Bic pens. The ink doesn’t flow as well and it’s not as smooth when coloring in. I’m a little sad to be honest. I’m going to keep looking and hopefully I’ll find the pen again. 

I did 4 little drawings tonight, testing the pens out. I think they turned out pretty cute. 

I had fun playing around with typography too. Very rudimentary, but it is something I’d like to explore further. 

Doodle Stars and Other Art

Here is the link to today’s art. 

A quick zentangle picture done in my little art journal. 

This is what I did last night. A quick charcoal sketch of a girl with her hair up. 

Green Abstract Doodles

Another night, another page of doodle flowers. 

The background on this page was splotches of ink that I picked up from another page. There also a hint of green shimmery paint in there too. 

The pen I used is still my favourite, a regular black gel Bic pen. It works great with these doodles. 

Sketching Night

Kinda tired tonight so I didn’t feel like doing any ambitious art journaling. I sketched some fun things instead. 

Kinda cute, right? Ok, definitely silly too. 

What I used tonight.