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Dance and Sing Art Journal Page 

“Dance and sing, we are eternal;
Let us still be made with drinking:
‘Tis a madness less infernal than the madness caused by thinking.”

Tonight I doodled over an inky dark background page. I used a quote by John Davidson that I’ve loved since I discovered it in a book when I was a kid. 

I used paint pens in pink and silver for the quote and doodling. 

Neon Doodling (Hi, the 90s called…)

I really like doodling like this

It’s fun , creating the different patterns, making the little drawings, using the oil pens. I do like these pens. They are bright and have good coverage. 

The background was leftover paint from yesterday. I filled a blank page in my little journal with leftover black acrylic and then, with the white paint, created some fun patterns over it. And today, I used craft smart oil based pens to do the doodles. 

I only used 2 colours and, because of the hues used, it kinda reminds me of the patterns prevalent in 90s design.  Nostalgic, right?

Green Abstract Doodles

Another night, another page of doodle flowers. 

The background on this page was splotches of ink that I picked up from another page. There also a hint of green shimmery paint in there too. 

The pen I used is still my favourite, a regular black gel Bic pen. It works great with these doodles. 

Abstract Flowers Doodling

Today was fun. I was flipping through one of my (many) art journals I have on the go right now and decided I wanted to doodle over one of the many backgrounds I’ve started. 

Not the one I ended up using but I look forward to filling it in one day. Ok, I said backgrounds, but really, these pages are where I scrape off excess paint and wipe my stencils down. They are pretty neat though. 

I like how it turned out! The flowers are all different; following the shapes laid down by the paint, but carry a similar theme. 

366 Days of Art Doodles

I tend not to always post the doodles like today’s art. I don’t know that people would find a whole post about a doodle as interesting as one with more elements so I tend to save them up. Here are a few of the recent doodles. 

Zentangles and Sunshine

The sunshine is lovely but the breeze is cool. Arting on the deck, I can’t wait to do more!

Today’s art is more zentangle doodles.  

 Sunshine 🙂 

 and hearts ❤️

I used 3 different pens because I like pens.  

 Definitely my favourite pen was the Bic. Kinda surprising because it was probably the cheapest. The Tombow is lovely, and the Faber-Castell is great, but I loved the black of the Bic. It also flowed really nicely over the page.  


Zentangles and Doodling in Class

Yes, I am a class doodler. Have always been one, and will continue to do so in the future. It keeps me focused and calm.  

 Here is the link for today. Full sized images found here

Messy Journal Page Materials

Here is the link to today’s page.  

 I journaled on the page that I used to soaked up the excess ink I spilled yesterday.  

 I covered it with Tim Holtz idea-ology tissue paper and then dry brushed Golden gesso over top. I then dropped more Golden, Liquitex, and Artist Loft fluid acrylics over the page. I spread more gesso over the page with a pallette knife and then started doodling. 

I used my Faber-Castell Pitt and Ecco pens for the black doodles as well as a white Sharpie. 


Irresistible Canvas Process

I got a late start today. Honestly, I would have rather been off to bed instead of heading upstairs to paint. It’s been a long day. I will say though, I’m pleased with how it ended up.  

 Ok. I didn’t start out making this canvas. Actually I started making 4 tiny canvases.  

 I wasn’t feeling it though so I put those aside for another day. I’ll share them, just probably not as a 366 Days of Art project. 

  Anyways. So today I worked on a 6″ X 12″ canvas using my Liquitex basics again. Lots of reds and oranges and touches of yellow and bright green. Threw in some deep hookers green for contrast.  

 More doodles in the Neocolor II pastels and the Faber-Castell Pitt pens.  

 And a single, big black and white flower. I used my Golden carbon black as the base. I’ve decided I don’t like the Liquitex Mars black that comes in the basics kit. It’s not black enough and I really like that the Golden is a heavy body paint. 

I’m thrilled with today’s art and am super glad I pushed myself to do it.