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Something new and something finished

Started a new smaller canvas tonight but, because it’s so late, couldn’t get to far on it so I finished a small one I started last night. 

This is the one I started. I need to go whiter on the background before I decide what I’m going to do in the foreground. Probably more flowers but I’m not sure what kind. 

This is the one I finished from last night. I started the background on it from the leftover paint from the big poppy canvas. I finished it tonight with the top layer of the base and the flowers. 

This one is quite a bit darker than the previous one I’ve did. Not sure I love it entirely. Might make the base lighter still. We will see. 

Half Finished Art

Sat outside in the gorgeous sunshine and worked on some half finished cavases today

I started a bunch of these a long time ago and just never got around to working on them. I actually changed a couple of them completely around. Decided I didn’t like the original colours and ended up redoing them entirely. 

This one was green and I decided it needed to be a rainbow. 

It was such a gorgeous day to be outside. I’ll definitely be doing this again. 

Pink Canvases -So Messy!

Seriously. These canvases were fun to make, but my hands may not recover.  
  First canvas, pink, orange and teal. This one is 16″x20″ and I used a lot of paint on it. I put colour down, changed it, put more down, painted over it. If you peeled back the layers of paint it would look like layers of sediment in rock. 


  • Liquitex basics, quinacridone magenta, medium magenta, light portrait pink, cadmium orange, titanium white
  • Liquitex professional Naphthol Crimson, cadmium orange
  • Golden cadmium red light, quinacridone magenta, carbon black, fluid teal
  • Holbein mat yellow
  • Pebeo iridescent violet blue, vivid pink

  This second canvas is smaller at 9″x12″ and it was a lot easier to make. This one just seemed to come together perfectly. 

  • Liquitex basics, quinacridone magenta, titanium white, light portrait pink, medium magenta
  • Pebeo iridescent violet blue, vivid pink
  • Golden carbon black, ultramarine violet
  • Grumbacher dioxazine purple

And yeah, it was a messy day. Check out my hands in the wee video below to see how messy. (Sorry, can’t figure out how to flip the video on my phone!)