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Fifth time’s the charm, right? Grr. It took me 5 times plus a massive update to post tonight’s 366 Days of Art blog post. Talk about frustrating. 

Anyways, I did 2 pieces tonight; a journal page and completed a mini canvas. I started with the canvas as I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do. It’s an easy art sometimes, put thecfocal on the canvas. I think it turned out pretty nice. 

I was then flipping through my little art journal and decided to rework a page that was covered in leftover paint. I liked it the way it was but decided to actually do something with the page. 

I like how it turned out. 

(And fingers crossed, please let this post correctly the first time!)

Poppies – WIP

I’m calling this a work in progress still because I’m not sure it’s done. 

Although I look at it and I’m not sure what else I really want to add. 

It’s changed quite a bit from last night. The flowers have much more colour to them (kinda loving them, no lie) and more depth. I took a very quick video of how I made one of them: ​

I think they turned out pretty. Very abstract. Actually, the whole thing is pretty abstract really. 

The bottom was made with a palette knife and layers of colours scraped over the canvas. I tried to keep it a very simple colour scheme. A couple shade of red, brown, black, two greens, yellow and white gesso. By blending them to various degrees it made the whole thing pretty interesting. 

So I like how it is currently but I’m not sure it’s complete. I’m going to leave it on my desk for a while to see if I’m inspired to add more or change anything. 

Poppies Canvas -WIP

I got a good start on this one tonight

It’s definitely not done yet though and won’t be competed tonight. I need to let the first payers of paint dry. It’s going to go much more dreamy and faded, except for the poppies. I think anyways. These painting take on a life and mind of their own after a while. 

I can’t wait to see how it turns out. It’s as much a mystery to me as it is everyone else. 

you are so amazing canvas

Did a little canvas tonight. Lots of blues in this one. 

Layered the blues while wet in the background then added black and white accents with found objects. I also added some small doodle stars and hearts as well as a bit of journaling. Words of encouragement. 

I’ll be taking this one to the Made Local Society store tomorrow and selling it in the shop. I know it’ll go to someone amazing. 

The Ocean -WIP Canvas

Tonight’s piece  started out very bright. 

Bright golden yellow, phthalocyanine blue, grey, and black. Then I started adding white gesso in swirls and streaks. I covered the canvas in white which mixed with the wet colours underneath. I then started removing it in large stripes with my wedge catalyst tool (don’t worry, I didn’t waste the paint, it was used for a art journal page base). I added a little bit more white gesso as bright spots then sprayed it down heavily with water. 

I tilted the canvas to allow the water and paint to drop down it until I was happy. 

I’m not sure it’s done. I might add more to it. I do love this how it is though. I’m not sure. 

Messes at Midnight

I’m back 🙂 The Etsy Made in Canada market is done, my quiz is done (B-, yay!) and I’m ready to make more art. I’m happy I took the time to paint this tonight

I wanted to do a very yellow canvas but it turned out a fair bit more orange than I was originally thinking. 

The flowers didn’t quite turn out. I’ll probably redo them in the morning. 

I’m happy to start again and can’t wait to do more. 

Gold Dream Canvas

Do you ever dream of your art? Do you ever have a dream and, in that dream, see an amazing painting and know, in your dream, that you painted it? And then, when you wake up, know, just know in your heart and soul, that you need to paint that painting you saw in your dreams? And do you worry that, if you attempt to paint that piece, it won’t be as amazing, special, or just as good as the one on your dream? Do you do it anyways? 

I did and, while it didn’t turn out exactly the way I dreamed, I’m happy I tried. 

I’ll keep trying too, until I get it right. 

Green Canvas Progressing Along

Made some decent progress tonight on the green canvas. 

Started adding the top layer of colours. Lots of greens, golden colours, black, and browns. ​I made a quick little video showing how I add and mix some of the colours.

​I’m enjoying this one. I think some of my favourite canvases I end up making are the ones I spend the most time on. 

I think I’ll be adding a few more layers of colours. I am liking how the gradual build up of colours is happening but I’m thinking it needs a bit more. 

The White Canvas

I think it’s done. Might go play with the flowers a bit more but other than that, it’s done. Here it is.

Definitely cool how it went from this: 

To this: 

To completed like this. 

This was a lesson in layers and patience. So many layers of colour and white went into this painting. Black, then white to make grey then more white to even it out. Then yellow and light blue. And more white. And then the flowers. 

Which definitely turned out better than I expected. 

I’m very happy with the results!

Blue and Orange Canvas, Something is Missing

Not sure what. Maybe some doodling? Maybe it needs a focal, but what? I’m not sure what’s up with today’s art, but it needs something more. I’ll figure it out though and come back to it.  

 This was done on a 20″x20″ canvas.  

 Materials used:

  • Liquitex basics: titanium white, cerulean blue, brilliant yellow green
  • Liquitex professional: cadmium orange hue, phthalocyanine blue, brilliant blue, light blue
  • Artists loft neon pink
  • Golden artist colours: cadmium red light, manganese blue, carbon black
  • Grumbacher Academy turquoise green