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Making Messes While Painting

When I paint, I tend to make a mess. Like tonight, for example. 

This isn’t even the worst of it. My hands are covered in paint, so are my legs. I’ve had to wash to wall tonight, and cleaned as I went and I was still left with this mess. 

I did get lots done tonight. I finished this canvas from the other day. 

I covered it a first layer of paint. 

Then sprayed water, added more paint, and repeated until I was happy. 

The gold and metallic paints were the final touches. 

Then, because I had watered down paint all over, I used a page in my journal dedicated to people to soak up some of the excess. I then decided to do a page tonight. 

I stared by using gesso to create a blank template, then drew the basic figure.  I then added paint, ink, distress crayons, and metallic paints to finish her up. 

A messy, but fun night. 

Dandelions and Balloons Canvases

It really wasn’t my plan to do two painting tonight. I just planned on finishing the green one I started last night. The balloons painting just kinda happened. 

Ok so what really happened was this. I was looking at the background I started yesterday, and it was very green and brown because I’d planned on doing another landscape/field painting with it. I was looking at and I thought, gee, it’s too bad it’s green not blue, I can’t do balloons now

I have no idea where the balloons came from. They just popped into my head.  My theory is they probably popped up because I was thinking of doing dandelions in the green field painting and dandelions remind me of summer days as a kid and being a kid reminds me of balloons flying off into the sky. That might be what happened subconsciously but I’m not really sure. All I know is suddenly I’m doing two paintings tonight, dandelions and ballloons. 

Not that I mind though. It just surprised me. Art happens when it needs to happen I guess, and both the dandelions and balloons needed to be painted tonight. 

Something new and something finished

Started a new smaller canvas tonight but, because it’s so late, couldn’t get to far on it so I finished a small one I started last night. 

This is the one I started. I need to go whiter on the background before I decide what I’m going to do in the foreground. Probably more flowers but I’m not sure what kind. 

This is the one I finished from last night. I started the background on it from the leftover paint from the big poppy canvas. I finished it tonight with the top layer of the base and the flowers. 

This one is quite a bit darker than the previous one I’ve did. Not sure I love it entirely. Might make the base lighter still. We will see. 

Thoughts and Simplicity Mixed Media Canvases

Tonight, I made tiny mixed media canvases. 

I like these little canvases. I pack so much stuff on them and they all turn out so different. 


Though it’s hard to see, the word “Thoughts” is etched on the little pen nib on the side. This one was assembled with flowers, metal bits, found office stationary, and the metal lock plate. This one was coloured with ink sprays in orange, greens, browns, and red alcohol inks. 


The name for this one comes from the metal tag on the bottom. Also assembled with found bits and mixed media supplies, this one was coloured with green, brown, and teal inks. The metal flower on the bottom was filled with gel medium and glass glitter. The picture was taken when the gel medium was still wet, but when it’s dried it should be clear. 

Both of these were sealed with a clear fixative to seal the inks. I like how they turned out! 


Blue-Green Canvas, WIP Night Two

I’m liking how this is shaping up to be. Might do a bit of doodling on this one or add another layer of texture. I’m not sure just yet. 

There’s a lot of colour and texture added tonight. 

Oranges, yellows and more of the blues and greens. Texture was created with bubble wrap, inner tubes from paper towel, and splatters of paint. 

I really like it as is, but might go further. 

We will see!

Blue-Green Canvas, WIP Night 1 

Not to sure where this canvas will end up, but I have a few ideas. 

I’m working on a 16″x20″ canvas with acrylic paints using an old credit card to lay down the paint. I don’t want it to mix to much, I like the different divisions in colour. 

I’m hoping to finish it up tomorrow night, and like I said, I think I know where I want it to go but, the best laid plans of mice and men… Right? We will see where it ends up!