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Introvert Solutions Journal Page

I took a few days off from arting (as may or may not have been noticed) and I feel zero guilt. Sometimes you just need a break. But, I’m back tonight with an art journal page done while waiting for class to start. 

I started with the sketch of the girl then added the inking. I did her hair with a coupe different ink pens that gave different effects and colouring. 

I’m happy to be arting again though. It’s nice therapy. 

It’s especially nice while at school. It not only kills time, but it gives me a place to escape and recharge a bit. 

Monochromatic Pages

Decided to do two pages today. One in my regular art journal, and one in the monster journal. 

I started with the monster journal. I wanted to draw the monster you see in the dark, at the foot of your bed when you’re half asleep. You can’t see the monster’s face, but you know it will be terrible. 

The monster page was done in charcoal and Golden acrylic carbon black paint. 

Then, to lighten things up a bit, I did the flower page. I didn’t want to add colours though, so I stuck to a black and white pallette. 

The background was done in layers of Golden Carbon Black and Liquitex Titanium White, swirled on top of each other. Then I added the flower. 

Zentangles and Doodling in Class

Yes, I am a class doodler. Have always been one, and will continue to do so in the future. It keeps me focused and calm.  

 Here is the link for today. Full sized images found here