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Trio of Canvases

Tonight I painted 3 small canvases. Here is the link to the 366 Days of Art post.    
 I like how they turned out. All different with a white flower tying them all together.  

 Orange Flower Materials:

  • Liquitex professional Naphthol Crimson, alizarin Crimson, cadmium orange
  • Golden acrylic paints cadmium red light, and cadmium yellow light

    Green Flower Materials:

  • Golden acrylic colours phthalo green, light green yellow, green gold, cadmium yellow light
  • Liquitex basics brilliant yellow green, light green

    Copper Flower Materials:

  • Liquitex professional acrylics Naphthol Crimson, cadmium orange
  • Golden acrylic colours phthalo green, light green yellow
  • Pebeo iridescent copper

All three have golden acrylic carbon black and Liquitex basics titanium white for the flowers.    

 I started with the two small canvases – 3″ X 9″ but I had so much paint that I grabbed the third canvas which is 6″ X 6″. I wanted to make the backgrounds super bright and layered with a simple flower in the foreground. I like how the turned out. 
Side note: I’m making canvases because I have my first show of the year next weekend so I need to build up some stock! Although I really need to think about how I’m going to display all this now. Things to think about. 

Change Journal Page Materials

Ok, hopefully today is a better day technologically speaking. Here is the materials list for yesterday’s journal page.

Materials Used:

  • Liquitex professional gesso
  • Liquitex basics acrylics
    • cadmium orange
    • cadmium yellow light
    • cadmium red light
    • light blue
  • Tim Holtz distress stains
    • ground espresso
    • mustard seed
    • barn door
  • Tim Holtz distress paint – picket fence
  • Faber-Castell Pitt pens
  • Staedtler triplus fineliner
  • Neocolor II watersoluble wax pastels
  • Prima soft neutrals watercolour pencils

Irresistible Canvas Process

I got a late start today. Honestly, I would have rather been off to bed instead of heading upstairs to paint. It’s been a long day. I will say though, I’m pleased with how it ended up.  

 Ok. I didn’t start out making this canvas. Actually I started making 4 tiny canvases.  

 I wasn’t feeling it though so I put those aside for another day. I’ll share them, just probably not as a 366 Days of Art project. 

  Anyways. So today I worked on a 6″ X 12″ canvas using my Liquitex basics again. Lots of reds and oranges and touches of yellow and bright green. Threw in some deep hookers green for contrast.  

 More doodles in the Neocolor II pastels and the Faber-Castell Pitt pens.  

 And a single, big black and white flower. I used my Golden carbon black as the base. I’ve decided I don’t like the Liquitex Mars black that comes in the basics kit. It’s not black enough and I really like that the Golden is a heavy body paint. 

I’m thrilled with today’s art and am super glad I pushed myself to do it.  


Charcoal Still Thoughts

Still working on it. Not caring about the shape (yes, the bowl is wonky) so much as getting the sketching and shading down.   
I think it’s coming along. 

Materials Used:

  • 300 Series Strathmore 9″ X 12″ Drawing Journal
  • Primo 5B Charcoal
  • Pranc 3B Drawing Pencil
  • Faber-Castell White Eraser and Perfection Pencil Eraser with Brush