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Get lost in a good book journal page

Tonight’s art journal page is dedicated to one of my favourite pasttimes, reading. I bought new books today, that’s why they’re fresh on my mind. 

I love books. I might have a slight addiction to reading. And collecting books. Some might say, hoarding books. I say they’re crazy. They (my husband) say I’m crazy for liking books as much as I do. 

This is only about half my book collection (yes I read a lot of the same genre, don’t judge). The other half are stored in other bookcases and I’ve since added to the collection. I might be running out of room and need more bookcases. 

This page is a mixed media page; the  papers, washi tape, and ribbon were adhered down with Golden Matte Medium and then given a whitewash effect with gesso. I then added the bookcase doodle and journaling.

I don’t know if I mentioned before, but this journal I’m using is a handmade one by a lovely couple whose business name is The Dancing Moose. They’re based out of Camrose Alberta. The gentleman who made it used the same mixed media papers that I use in my journaling books, Canson Mixed Media paper, which is why I’m able to do the mixed media stuff in it. 

Getting Lost Journaling

I decided to do a journal page tonight

I actually started a canvas last night but wasn’t super inspired to work on it so instead did this page. 

The wip canvas from yesterday. 

Heard the news that Leonard Cohen had passed away today and it was a blow. Another amazing musician lost in 2016 so I decided to dedicate today’s page to music. It’s a little scattered (or a lot, let’s be honest) with lyrics and ink splatters and drawings and then the journaling on top of it all but , yeah. It’s how I felt when I thought about all the loss this year. Honestly, every time I hear of a musician passing, it reminds me I lost my dad this year. My dad was a big lover of books and music and I got the love of both from him. 

Anyways. Another art and journaling page. It’s messy and rather scattered (like this post) but it’s a reflection of my brain right now. 

Journal Page

Tried something different tonight. Journaled. Like, actually journaled with a pen on paper. 

The drawings were just as important as the words on the page. After all, this is an art project, right? 

Not 100% sure this is for me. It feels super vulnerable to write down words on a page and share that as opposed to typing words into this blog and sharing that. I, know, it’s weird. I’d be saying the exact same thing in a blog post but sharing words in my own writing feels, different. Not saying I won’t do it again at all though. I’ll definitely keep trying and pushing myself. Maybe it’ll grow on me. And I am thinking, this’ll be great if I need to travel more for work. Bring the journal, a pen, maybe some washi tape as an accent, and I’m good to go. 

Speaking of washi tape, I totally thought this one was a gothic chandelier when I bought it, instead it’s  little skulls and demons! I love it. 

Also, this page marks a milestone for me; finally started using my Dancing Moose handmade leather journal I bought at Artwalk (in July)! It’s a gorgeous, handmade leather journal, like, some of the pages are handmade too, and it was  very intimidating to start in. I couldn’t just record any old thing in this journal. It had to be special. 
I hope this qualifies as special. 

beautiful lies journal page

I’ve been trying something new lately. I’ve been posting little things I wrote on Instagram. Tonight’s girl is based on one of them. 

we refuse to see
as we are so we
tell ourselves
beautiful lies

Little poems but I’d like to share more. Who knows, maybe next year’s 365 Days project…ha. 

Tonight’s girl is done with mixed media; acrylics, ink, Distress Crayons, and Neocolor II. I’m enjoying learning and experimenting different ways to build these pieces. They always turn out different and, as long as you’re not hung up on perfection, just perfectly imperfect. 

I actually am loving the art project. I was worried I’d get tired of it and quit half way through, but although I’d taken days off from it (dad’s funeral and Etsy MIC), I’m still enjoying it. 

Art Drop

Last night was some very late art making. I started trying to make something that didn’t quite turn out. Instead of a girl in a shroud, I ended up with a girl in a black hole. Still kinda cool but definitely not what I envisioned. That’s what happens when you try to draw to late, I guess. 

I decided to stop this and went on with the picture I ended up posting. 

It’s all perspective. It’s a layer art journal, mixed media page. 

And finally, tonight’s page. A little devil rag doll girl with her bat minions. Because any respectable devil girl has bat minions, you know? 

Cat Girl – Art Journal Page

Late night art making tonight

Ok. I really, really like doing the hair with the elegant writer pens and water. It looks so pretty with all the different colours in the ink. I also like how her skin turned out today. I do love the more fantastic colours of shading of the other girls, and I won’t stop doing them, but I do like the more wild look of this girl. She is supposed to be a cat after all. 

It’s fun building these pages and making use of the blank space. The contrast between the brightly coloured girls and white, splattered blank page just feels right. 

new beginnings art journaling

This page turned out pretty. It started with leftover paint from the other night, spread as a background for this page. 

I liked the colours; a mixed of browns, blacks, pinks, and nude shades so I continued the colour scheme. I used stencils to add on layers of texture in the same colours but added pops of purple and teal. 

I finally added the stamped phrase as the header for the page. 

It’s not my usual art journal colour scheme. New beginnings, perhaps? 

mixed media girl with a bun

I tried a full face tonight. I think I ambers to work on my symmetry still. 

You can’t get better without practice, right?

I really do like the shading on the face and the colours. It’s a little different but I think it suits these girls. I also really liked her hair in this one. It was done fully with the elegant writer pen. 

Fairy Girl

Can you tell I like doing these portraits? They’re fun to make and I’m loving how the shading and hair looks.

Tonight’s girl is very purple. 

I am very happy with how she turned out. Now if only I could do a full face portrait and get the eyes symmetrical!

It’s a work in progress. 

Tonight’s girl was also made using a variety of materials; DistressCrayons, acrylic paint, and ink.  

wheat kings art journal page

Today has been a super gray and gloomy day in Edmonton. I decided I needed to brighten things up inside with this art journal page. 

I used a lot of yellows and oranges

and added in a neon pink highlight. And, of course, white and black paints. 

I needed some bright colours today. 

I happened to be listening to Wheat Kings as I was making this so that’s where the name and quote came from.