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Christmas Balls Watercolour Painting

I’ve been wanting to do something with the water colours of Derwent Inktense pencils again for a while. Glad I broke them out tonight

I like how this turned out. Done with the Intense pencils and a water brush, I really like the shading. 

The caps were done in black pen and a white pen was used to add highlights. I then used a couple different gelly roller pens to add a little tinsel around the whole thing. 

Devil Girl Art Journal Page

Ok, confession: I get bored easily. I’m bored with the 12 Days of Christmas theme already so, I decided to change it up. 

Instead of typing it all out again, here’s the reasons why I changed the theme. 

I started by sketching out the girl. 

A lot changes over the course of the creation, but I always start with a sketch. Then I start with either the paint or, in this case, ink. That’s always the scariest part. 

I erase the pencil lines then start adding more details. The hair in this case, was done with an elegant writer pen and water brush so it comes out multi-hued. 

I then used some coloured pens to add a touch more colour to the page. 

Two Turtle Doves

Ok, so after posting last night, I realized this might be harder than I thought. Maids milking, ladies dancing, lords leaping??? What was I thinking? 

Well, I will give it my best shot anyways. Tonight are the two turtle doves. It’s a very sketchy drawing done in my lovely handmade art journal. 

I started by sketching it out then going over the lines in a very, very fine tip pen so it still looks sketchy. What can I say? Feathers look best sketchy, or at lest mine do. 

A Partridge in a Pear Tree

I’m back. Exams are done (for better or worse) and I’m happy to be making art again. 

I don’t actually know if it’s the first day of Christmas or not. I just decided to use this song as inspiration. I’ll do up the rest of the days too. It’ll be a fun little project in a project. 

This is The End

Of this art journal, that is. Still going (mostly) strong with the 366 Days of Art project. 

Some days are harder to get motivated than others but it’s going good still. 

Decided the do the last page of this journal as a zentangle. Most of the pages in here were done as this kind of drawing. It really was the perfect journal to fill an entire page with. I’ll be looking for another one like it for a while I think. 

I picked it up in Toronto while on my Etsy Captain’s Summit trip. Hmm. Maybe another trip to Toronto is in order?

stronger than yesterday art journal page

I used up one of the pages in my journal tonight that had excess paint on it. These pages collect all sorts of paints and patterns so they can be both fun and challenging to work with. This page in particular had excess blue and gold paint swiped on. I actually started using this one before, but I wasn’t  happy with the way it was looking so abandonded it to move on to something different. That’s why on tonight’s page, you can see the beginnings of a heart silhouette and the black paint on the edges. There’s also a faint pattern on the page in black from the paper towel I was using way back when I first started this page. 

I added the silhouette (this time I used the interior of the shape and filled it in). I added more black paint on the edges and sprayed it down to make it drop down the page. I finally added the quote and I was done. 

We’ve Come This Far

How much further can we go?

I’m referring to improving myself as an artist, that is. Tonight was a bit self reflective. I was thinking about the work in progress I started last night and how, even a year ago, I wouldn’t have dared sharing it online let alone being happy with it. And now? After almost a year of constantly sharing (perhaps some might say, oversharing), and creating, and drawing, and making, I’m feeling pretty good. Good about sharing what I’ve made. Good about what I’ve made. Happy and pleased it’s the results (most of the time). And when thugs don’t turn out? I’m ok sharing that too. 

Growth is good. And this project forced me to grow as not only an artist, but as a confident human being. 

In case you were wondering, last night’s picture. 


Back to art. Tonight I finished the page I started last night before being so rudely interrupted. Nothing worse than getting sick, right? Not sure what’s going on, but I have an appointment tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get it figured out. 
Glad to get this one finished.

Be amazing. 

Introvert Solutions Journal Page

I took a few days off from arting (as may or may not have been noticed) and I feel zero guilt. Sometimes you just need a break. But, I’m back tonight with an art journal page done while waiting for class to start. 

I started with the sketch of the girl then added the inking. I did her hair with a coupe different ink pens that gave different effects and colouring. 

I’m happy to be arting again though. It’s nice therapy. 

It’s especially nice while at school. It not only kills time, but it gives me a place to escape and recharge a bit. 


Fifth time’s the charm, right? Grr. It took me 5 times plus a massive update to post tonight’s 366 Days of Art blog post. Talk about frustrating. 

Anyways, I did 2 pieces tonight; a journal page and completed a mini canvas. I started with the canvas as I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do. It’s an easy art sometimes, put thecfocal on the canvas. I think it turned out pretty nice. 

I was then flipping through my little art journal and decided to rework a page that was covered in leftover paint. I liked it the way it was but decided to actually do something with the page. 

I like how it turned out. 

(And fingers crossed, please let this post correctly the first time!)