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The Ocean -WIP Canvas

Tonight’s piece  started out very bright. 

Bright golden yellow, phthalocyanine blue, grey, and black. Then I started adding white gesso in swirls and streaks. I covered the canvas in white which mixed with the wet colours underneath. I then started removing it in large stripes with my wedge catalyst tool (don’t worry, I didn’t waste the paint, it was used for a art journal page base). I added a little bit more white gesso as bright spots then sprayed it down heavily with water. 

I tilted the canvas to allow the water and paint to drop down it until I was happy. 

I’m not sure it’s done. I might add more to it. I do love this how it is though. I’m not sure. 

Blue and Orange Canvas, Something is Missing

Not sure what. Maybe some doodling? Maybe it needs a focal, but what? I’m not sure what’s up with today’s art, but it needs something more. I’ll figure it out though and come back to it.  

 This was done on a 20″x20″ canvas.  

 Materials used:

  • Liquitex basics: titanium white, cerulean blue, brilliant yellow green
  • Liquitex professional: cadmium orange hue, phthalocyanine blue, brilliant blue, light blue
  • Artists loft neon pink
  • Golden artist colours: cadmium red light, manganese blue, carbon black
  • Grumbacher Academy turquoise green


Red Doodle Canvas Materials

I’m liking these bigger doodle canvases. Yesterday’s painting was super fun and I love today’s piece.  

 This is the same size as yesterday, 12″X 24″ tall. 

  I started with a red base using Golden quinacridone magenta, cadmium red light, and Pebeo vivid pink and Naphthol carmine. I then added more layers and built up more layers with these colours as well as Golden cadmium yellow light and Liquitex professional cadmium orange.  

 Golden light green, carbon black and Liquitex professional light blue were added as pops of colour.  

 Then the doodles were added. These are always so fun to do and, as I said yesterday, it’s hard to stop.  

 I used a Sharpie white pen paint, Faber-Castell Pitt pen, and Staedtler triplus fineliner to doodle.  

 It’s hard to stop but I usually end up reaching a point where I just can’t keep going and, at 11:30 at night, this is my ending point.