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Turquoise Dreams

Rain Woman and the Mother 

Large Doodle Canvas Materials (aka, The Big Blue One)

This one is big.  

 16″x24″ to be exact.  Getting braver with these big canvases. 

 It felt like I used a lot more materials than I actually did. Maybe it’s because it’s so big it just feels that way. My desk was definitely crowded working on this one. I think it’s time to rethink the studio layout. 

 Materials Used: 

  • Golden acrylic colours: light green, cadmium yellow light, carbon black
  • Golden fluid acrylics teal
  • Liquitex professional acrylics phthalocyanine blue
  • Liquitex basics unbeached titanium 
  • Liquitex professional gesso
  • Pebeo iridescent blue black
  • Holbein mat Prussian blue
  • Sharpie paint pen, white medium and fine point
  • Craftsmart paint pens black and white


Trio of Canvases

Tonight I painted 3 small canvases. Here is the link to the 366 Days of Art post.    
 I like how they turned out. All different with a white flower tying them all together.  

 Orange Flower Materials:

  • Liquitex professional Naphthol Crimson, alizarin Crimson, cadmium orange
  • Golden acrylic paints cadmium red light, and cadmium yellow light

    Green Flower Materials:

  • Golden acrylic colours phthalo green, light green yellow, green gold, cadmium yellow light
  • Liquitex basics brilliant yellow green, light green

    Copper Flower Materials:

  • Liquitex professional acrylics Naphthol Crimson, cadmium orange
  • Golden acrylic colours phthalo green, light green yellow
  • Pebeo iridescent copper

All three have golden acrylic carbon black and Liquitex basics titanium white for the flowers.    

 I started with the two small canvases – 3″ X 9″ but I had so much paint that I grabbed the third canvas which is 6″ X 6″. I wanted to make the backgrounds super bright and layered with a simple flower in the foreground. I like how the turned out. 
Side note: I’m making canvases because I have my first show of the year next weekend so I need to build up some stock! Although I really need to think about how I’m going to display all this now. Things to think about. 

Tea Time Materials

I’m kinda tired tonight and all I could think about was a cup of tea and a good book would be easier to handle than making a mess and cleaning it up. But I’m glad I made it upstairs to create this.  

 Lots of rich blues and purples (again!) mixed with pops of yellow and orange crest the background. Tons of doodles cover the background made with the Neocolor II pastels, my Pitt pen, and Sharpie paint pen. And a tea mug beckons.  

Materials Used: 

  • Liquitex basic acrylic paints: 
  1. Phthalocyanine blue
  2. Dioxazine purple
  3. Cerulean blue
  4. Light blue
  5.  Cadmium orange
  6. Cadmium yellow
  7. Titanium white
  8. Mars black
  • Liquitex professional gesso
  • Sharpie oil based paint pen
  • Faber-Castell Pitt pens, brush and brown
  • Golden sepia liquid acrylics
  • Neocolor II wax pastels 


Colour Pop Canvas Materials

Oh boy. This painting is fun!

 I wanted to do a blue canvas. Focus on blues, greens, a mellow, calm canvas. The pop of colour was going to be from the yellow and purple in the background (and, on a side note: I’m using purple! I usually don’t because I find it almost Easter eggy in colour but look at me go, 2 days of purple!) Ha. We see how well that turned out.

 The flower needed a little… Oomph. Something to beef them up. It was, to be honest, plain. Boring. So I reached for the red and I’m so, so glad I did!

Materials Used:

  • 11″ x 14″ Artist’s Loft canvas
  • Golden acrylic paints: carbon black, manganese blue, teal (fluid acrylic), ultramarine violet, cadmium yellow light, cadmium red light, and light green
  • Liquitex professional acrylic light blue
  • Liquitex professional gesso
  • Neocolor II wax pastels
  • Sharpie oil based paint pen
  • Faber-Castell Pitt pens big brush and brush
  • Staedtler pigment liner


  And I did manage to video today’s painting so I should have the up soon too!

Red Roses Canvas Materials

Today’s canvas was a big one. 16″ X 20″ which is the biggest I’ve ever painted.I usually work on smaller ones and the big journals I’ve been using were, up until now, the biggest art I’ve created. It’s exciting to be growing. However. There is a problem with using big canvases or, canvases in general (and not my journals). I’m running out of room to store them on my shelves! 

 And this isn’t even half of them! I have a whole box full of the smaller ones that are just sitting there, taking up space. 

So to solve this issue, it’s time to start selling them. I’ll be looking into scanning them so I can make prints and I’ll be putting the originals up on Etsy. I will post a link when I get that done. 

Anyways. Back to today’s art. Another fairy tale piece, this one, Alice in Wonderland. I do want to do an Alice portrait still, maybe tomorrow. 

Here is the link to the canvas.  

 I had a hard time getting a good picture without glare tonight. I’ll try again tomorrow but this just reminds me that I really need to pull out my good cameras to get better pictures to share.  

Materials Used:

  • Liquitex professional gesso
  • Golden gesso
  • Golden acrylic glazing liquid gloss (and suddenly I realize why I have so much glare on today’s canvas, sigh)
  • Golden acrylic paints: carbon black, quinacridone magenta
  • Liquitex alizarin Crimson
  • Liquitex professional ink quinacridone magenta
  • Faber-Castell Pitt pen
  • White Sharpie oil based paint pen


Go Confidently Canvas

Here is the link to today’s piece of art.

I also made a journal page tonight, in the same colours.  

 I used leftover paint from the canvas and added in some doodles and flowers. 

Materials Used:

  • Golden paints: carbon black, phthalo green, cadmium yellow light, cadmium red light, light green, manganese blue, quinacridone magenta
  • Golden gesso
  • Golden fluid acrylic teal
  • Neocolor II wax pastels
  • Faber-Castell Pitt pens: big brush, brush, white
  • Faber-Castell Ecco pigment pen
  • Staedtler pigment liner and fineliner



Galaxy Girl Materials

I kinda like drawing girls with blue hair and then warercolouring them.  

 Today’s painting was exactly how I envisioned it would be.  

 I started with a sketch of the girl.  Then started shading her with the watercolour pencils. 

 She looks funny here but once I added water, she came to life.  

 I like how she turned out. The shading was fun and I’ll definitely do it again. She’s surreal and whimsical and slightly aloof like she’s seen it all. I love it. 

Materials Used:

  • Golden carbon black acrylic paint
  • Liquitex professional gesso (watered down and splattered for stars)
  • Prima Marketing soft neutral Watercolour pencils 
  • Caran d’Ache Museum Watercolour pencils – 181, 670
  • Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer Watercolour pencils – purple violet, light ultramarine
  • Stabilo watersoluble pencil
  • Lyra Rembrandt grafit aquarell 4B
  • Faber-Castell graphite aquarelle
  • Derwent Inktense green aquamarine
  • Staedtler aquarell pink

I hope you liked it!  

Lone Traveller Materials

Today I experimented. Played with sweeping colour across the page. I have the blue down on the journal page, leftover from a previous day. I made me think of the sea. And where there is the sea, there are sea birds.  

 It turned out different. I’m honestly not sure how I feel about it. It’s such a departure for me.  

 Materials Used

  • Golden gesso
  • Golden acrylics – carbon black, manganese blue, light green, cadmium yellow
  • Golden fluid acrylic in teal
  • Holbein acrylic Prussian blue
  • Liquitex ink -yellow orange azo
  • Faber-Castell Pitt pen