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make me a shadow on the wall art journal page

Tonight I did a page based on a quote from one of my favourite books, A Madness of Angels by Kate Griffin. I love this book. It is unconventional both in its subject and writing style with beautifully written sentences and descriptions of a side of London seldom mentioned. I definitely recommend it. 

make me a shadow on the wall 

I love these words. They’re beautiful and poetic and have such meaning in the book. They speak to me of fear and strength, permanence and the fleeting nature of of life. 

I didn’t have a stencil to make tonight’s piece so I made my own. 

Crafty, right?



Light a candle for the loved ones who are no longer with us. Ok. Not my best art night, but it was a long day of chaos, miscommunications, and sad memories. I made s point of doing something tonight in particular because it would have been my dad’s birthday today. He would have been mad at me for not doing something because I wasn’t in the mood to do it because he’s no longer here.  Happy birthday to my dad (today) and aunt (yesterday) who are no longer here. We’re all thinking of and missing you. 

Snow Queen (Hubris)

Wasn’t I just saying yesterday that it was kinda cool how I was getting better at painting?


Started the night trying to finish the work in progress from Sunday. Well. I pretty much ruined it. Sometimes, you’re best to stop while you’re ahead and, well, I didn’t. So I started over again. 

I’m sad about the page I wrecked but happy how this one turned out. She looks like a bad ass bitch who would be to smart to fall victim to such silly things as hubris. 

I wanted more of an icy princess and I think she’s definitely not a princess but a queen in charge. She was done in pencil, paint, paint pens, ink, gelatos, and distress crayons. And lots of water. Her hair is super textured, not just to look at but to the touch as well. The paint pen things I used gives a raised texture so the dots and squiggly lines pop out. 

I am sad about the previous girl being wrecked, like I said. But I think she turned out a lot better and with more personality so I’m ultimately happy with tonight’s art.

We’ve Come This Far

How much further can we go?

I’m referring to improving myself as an artist, that is. Tonight was a bit self reflective. I was thinking about the work in progress I started last night and how, even a year ago, I wouldn’t have dared sharing it online let alone being happy with it. And now? After almost a year of constantly sharing (perhaps some might say, oversharing), and creating, and drawing, and making, I’m feeling pretty good. Good about sharing what I’ve made. Good about what I’ve made. Happy and pleased it’s the results (most of the time). And when thugs don’t turn out? I’m ok sharing that too. 

Growth is good. And this project forced me to grow as not only an artist, but as a confident human being. 

In case you were wondering, last night’s picture. 

Little Eyes Zentangle

Some days we do small art in between crowds of people at the store. Today, I did this little zentangle. 

It’s nice to do little things sometimes. And the best thing about these little zentangles, no matter how often I might repeat the patterns I use, they’re never the same. 

Alice Didn’t Go to Wonderland

That girl. What a strange child. Always bringing chaos and madness with her wherever she goes. The jabberwocky, the mad hatter, white rabbits, Wonderland and tea parties. Her imagination knows no bounds.
I played with her as a girl; I’d play the Red Queen. It was a strange little game I’m not sure I understood. We didn’t have any toys but for an old, batter pack of playing cards we found in the woods. She called them the Red Queen’s soldiers. I was armed with the soldiers and she’d stand by herself, a small, strange, blonde girl in a dirty blue dress.
“Off with her head!” I’d scream, much to her delight. I’ve no idea where this child heard such things. I’d ask her parents, but I’d never met them.
“Off with her head!” I’d scream, and she’d run away through the woods, laughing with delight. Running through her Wonderland.
The last time we played together, the last time I saw Alice, my mother caught me playing, and was angry. I knew better. I was not to play in those gloomy, dark woods.
The woods were bad.
Bad things happened to little girls alone in those woods.
Bad things, like what happened to poor little Alice.
Stay out of the woods, stay away from the mad hatter, stay safe. Alice can’t protect you after all. She’s just looking for someone to play with.

Soooo, yeah. The story has no bearing on the paintings tonight, it just came out as I was writing tonight’s post. Tonight I wanted to do a couple of smaller, mixed media canvases. I definitely wanted lots of texture in the background so I started with a layer of modeling paste through stencils. 

After these dried, I coated them in a thick layer of gesso and dried that too.Then I started adding paint. 

I alternated between colours black, deep red, and magenta, and adding water to dilute and make the colours flow into each other. It took a while until I was happy. Once it was all dried, I used my fingers to add silver and white highlights. 

Then I decided the paintings needed some more texture. I found this neat chipboard in my stash, cut it up, gessoed it, painted it, then added it to the canvases using heavy matte gel. I created the quotes, added some gloss medium to highlight some small areas, and I think they’re done!


Back to art. Tonight I finished the page I started last night before being so rudely interrupted. Nothing worse than getting sick, right? Not sure what’s going on, but I have an appointment tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get it figured out. 
Glad to get this one finished.

Be amazing. 

Introvert Solutions Journal Page

I took a few days off from arting (as may or may not have been noticed) and I feel zero guilt. Sometimes you just need a break. But, I’m back tonight with an art journal page done while waiting for class to start. 

I started with the sketch of the girl then added the inking. I did her hair with a coupe different ink pens that gave different effects and colouring. 

I’m happy to be arting again though. It’s nice therapy. 

It’s especially nice while at school. It not only kills time, but it gives me a place to escape and recharge a bit. 

close to the end journal page

Sitting in school right now and I decided to do my art while I wait for class to start. 

These are long days; work from 7-4 then school until 9:30/10. Work 5 days a week, class twice a week, and at the store on Saturdays. Is it any wonder I am tired so much? 

Worked with very limited supplies in my fancy journal tonight. Just used a pencil, Bic pen, the Speedball Elegant Writer pen and a waterbrush. Oh, and a couple pieces of washi tape that were already stuck on the page. 

Doodle Days

A zentangle drawing for tonight.

And one for last night as well. 

Last night’s was done while waiting for clas to start. I was going to say these are quick little arts to do but, depending on how complex I make them, they’re actually not that quick. What they are though, is less messy than an art journal page. Sometimes I don’t feel like pulling out all the things to make a big, elaborate art piece so these are nice to do on those days.