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Inktober day 10: pattern

Inktober day 10: pattern



Inktober day 9: swing

Inktober day 9: swing


Inktober day 8: frail

Inktober day 8: frail


Inktober day 7: enchanted

whatever your heart desires

Inktober day 6: husky

The sketch was great. The final inked piece, definitely not.

Time to add portraits/stills to my never ending list of art techniques I need to learn.

Inktober day 5: build

Inktober day 5: build

stone cairn (a little darker than I wanted but still ok and done within the 30 minute self imposed time limit)

Inktober day 4: freeze

Inktober day 4: freeze


Inktober Day 3: bait

Inktober Day 3: bait

Inspired by @marydoodles speed painting Don’t Trust the Apple Tree

Inktober Day 2: mindless

that zone you get in when listening to music

Inktober Day 1: Ring

a ring of endless light