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Alice Didn’t Go to Wonderland

That girl. What a strange child. Always bringing chaos and madness with her wherever she goes. The jabberwocky, the mad hatter, white rabbits, Wonderland and tea parties. Her imagination knows no bounds.
I played with her as a girl; I’d play the Red Queen. It was a strange little game I’m not sure I understood. We didn’t have any toys but for an old, batter pack of playing cards we found in the woods. She called them the Red Queen’s soldiers. I was armed with the soldiers and she’d stand by herself, a small, strange, blonde girl in a dirty blue dress.
“Off with her head!” I’d scream, much to her delight. I’ve no idea where this child heard such things. I’d ask her parents, but I’d never met them.
“Off with her head!” I’d scream, and she’d run away through the woods, laughing with delight. Running through her Wonderland.
The last time we played together, the last time I saw Alice, my mother caught me playing, and was angry. I knew better. I was not to play in those gloomy, dark woods.
The woods were bad.
Bad things happened to little girls alone in those woods.
Bad things, like what happened to poor little Alice.
Stay out of the woods, stay away from the mad hatter, stay safe. Alice can’t protect you after all. She’s just looking for someone to play with.

Soooo, yeah. The story has no bearing on the paintings tonight, it just came out as I was writing tonight’s post. Tonight I wanted to do a couple of smaller, mixed media canvases. I definitely wanted lots of texture in the background so I started with a layer of modeling paste through stencils. 

After these dried, I coated them in a thick layer of gesso and dried that too.Then I started adding paint. 

I alternated between colours black, deep red, and magenta, and adding water to dilute and make the colours flow into each other. It took a while until I was happy. Once it was all dried, I used my fingers to add silver and white highlights. 

Then I decided the paintings needed some more texture. I found this neat chipboard in my stash, cut it up, gessoed it, painted it, then added it to the canvases using heavy matte gel. I created the quotes, added some gloss medium to highlight some small areas, and I think they’re done!


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