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Get lost in a good book journal page

Tonight’s art journal page is dedicated to one of my favourite pasttimes, reading. I bought new books today, that’s why they’re fresh on my mind. 

I love books. I might have a slight addiction to reading. And collecting books. Some might say, hoarding books. I say they’re crazy. They (my husband) say I’m crazy for liking books as much as I do. 

This is only about half my book collection (yes I read a lot of the same genre, don’t judge). The other half are stored in other bookcases and I’ve since added to the collection. I might be running out of room and need more bookcases. 

This page is a mixed media page; the  papers, washi tape, and ribbon were adhered down with Golden Matte Medium and then given a whitewash effect with gesso. I then added the bookcase doodle and journaling.

I don’t know if I mentioned before, but this journal I’m using is a handmade one by a lovely couple whose business name is The Dancing Moose. They’re based out of Camrose Alberta. The gentleman who made it used the same mixed media papers that I use in my journaling books, Canson Mixed Media paper, which is why I’m able to do the mixed media stuff in it. 


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