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Getting Lost Journaling

I decided to do a journal page tonight

I actually started a canvas last night but wasn’t super inspired to work on it so instead did this page. 

The wip canvas from yesterday. 

Heard the news that Leonard Cohen had passed away today and it was a blow. Another amazing musician lost in 2016 so I decided to dedicate today’s page to music. It’s a little scattered (or a lot, let’s be honest) with lyrics and ink splatters and drawings and then the journaling on top of it all but , yeah. It’s how I felt when I thought about all the loss this year. Honestly, every time I hear of a musician passing, it reminds me I lost my dad this year. My dad was a big lover of books and music and I got the love of both from him. 

Anyways. Another art and journaling page. It’s messy and rather scattered (like this post) but it’s a reflection of my brain right now. 

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