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Poppies – WIP

I’m calling this a work in progress still because I’m not sure it’s done. 

Although I look at it and I’m not sure what else I really want to add. 

It’s changed quite a bit from last night. The flowers have much more colour to them (kinda loving them, no lie) and more depth. I took a very quick video of how I made one of them: ​

I think they turned out pretty. Very abstract. Actually, the whole thing is pretty abstract really. 

The bottom was made with a palette knife and layers of colours scraped over the canvas. I tried to keep it a very simple colour scheme. A couple shade of red, brown, black, two greens, yellow and white gesso. By blending them to various degrees it made the whole thing pretty interesting. 

So I like how it is currently but I’m not sure it’s complete. I’m going to leave it on my desk for a while to see if I’m inspired to add more or change anything. 


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