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Journal Page

Tried something different tonight. Journaled. Like, actually journaled with a pen on paper. 

The drawings were just as important as the words on the page. After all, this is an art project, right? 

Not 100% sure this is for me. It feels super vulnerable to write down words on a page and share that as opposed to typing words into this blog and sharing that. I, know, it’s weird. I’d be saying the exact same thing in a blog post but sharing words in my own writing feels, different. Not saying I won’t do it again at all though. I’ll definitely keep trying and pushing myself. Maybe it’ll grow on me. And I am thinking, this’ll be great if I need to travel more for work. Bring the journal, a pen, maybe some washi tape as an accent, and I’m good to go. 

Speaking of washi tape, I totally thought this one was a gothic chandelier when I bought it, instead it’s  little skulls and demons! I love it. 

Also, this page marks a milestone for me; finally started using my Dancing Moose handmade leather journal I bought at Artwalk (in July)! It’s a gorgeous, handmade leather journal, like, some of the pages are handmade too, and it was  very intimidating to start in. I couldn’t just record any old thing in this journal. It had to be special. 
I hope this qualifies as special. 

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