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Archive for October 19, 2016

beautiful lies journal page

I’ve been trying something new lately. I’ve been posting little things I wrote on Instagram. Tonight’s girl is based on one of them. 

we refuse to see
as we are so we
tell ourselves
beautiful lies

Little poems but I’d like to share more. Who knows, maybe next year’s 365 Days project…ha. 

Tonight’s girl is done with mixed media; acrylics, ink, Distress Crayons, and Neocolor II. I’m enjoying learning and experimenting different ways to build these pieces. They always turn out different and, as long as you’re not hung up on perfection, just perfectly imperfect. 

I actually am loving the art project. I was worried I’d get tired of it and quit half way through, but although I’d taken days off from it (dad’s funeral and Etsy MIC), I’m still enjoying it.