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The Pumpkin King Mixed Media Journal Page

Little story about pumpkins and October. My birthday is in October and Thanksgiving, Canadian Thanksgiving that is, was either the same weekend or the weekend before. Being a kid though, I didn’t care about that (except when I had to have a turkey dinner and pumpkin pie on my birthday), I was more focused on Halloween at the end of the month. The entire month was devoted to my birthday and Halloween and I often combined the two. I remember more than one birthday cake featuring a witch or pumpkin on it. 

Anyways, the reason I was thinking about that was because yesterday was my husband’s birthday and mine is coming up in a few days. I’ve been remembering past birthdays, past cakes, and my utmost dedication to all things Halloween and that’s why I wanted to do a pumpkin for tonight’s art piece. 

Once again, it’s hard to take a picture of a black pumpkin on a black background in a dark room so there’s a little glare.

I do like it though. It’s creepy and fun and reminds me of being a kid. 

I thought I didn’t have the “right” orange paint so I improvised a lot on this and coloured it in layers or yellows and different shades of orange. I did actually paint the pumpkin orange first then layered the black paint over top. I used a lot of different water soluble pastels to shade the oranges and create shadows. I think it turned out. 
Oh, and I found the “right” orange…. after I finished. Cadmium orange. I don’t regret not having it though; it forced me to be creative in shading and layering. 


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