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Thoughts and Simplicity Mixed Media Canvases

Tonight, I made tiny mixed media canvases. 

I like these little canvases. I pack so much stuff on them and they all turn out so different. 


Though it’s hard to see, the word “Thoughts” is etched on the little pen nib on the side. This one was assembled with flowers, metal bits, found office stationary, and the metal lock plate. This one was coloured with ink sprays in orange, greens, browns, and red alcohol inks. 


The name for this one comes from the metal tag on the bottom. Also assembled with found bits and mixed media supplies, this one was coloured with green, brown, and teal inks. The metal flower on the bottom was filled with gel medium and glass glitter. The picture was taken when the gel medium was still wet, but when it’s dried it should be clear. 

Both of these were sealed with a clear fixative to seal the inks. I like how they turned out! 


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