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Shy – Mixed Media Girl

I’m sure she has a story, this blue haired girl. I’m sure it’s something unusual, to have her peeking, hopefully, out of the page the way she is. Perhaps she’s a sheltered princess, getting her first glimpse of the world. Maybe she’s a mermaid, stepping foot on land for the first time. Or she might the hero of this story, come to save the day. 

I ended up working very late into the night on this one (2:51 as I type, eep!). I think she was worth the time spent on her. 

I used a variety of supplies on her, primarily acrylic paints. her hair is done in a mix of Ranger Distress Crayons, acrylic, and ink from my Elegant Writer pen by Speedball (if you haven’t heard of these, check them out! They are lovely calligraphy pens that bleed blues, greys, and pink when they get wet. Super fun to play with).

Time for bed!

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