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Confessions of a Bad Artist

I have a(nother)confession to make…

I am a bad artist. I stopped creating for a few days to allow myself to be sick. I had a nasty cold and really needed to catch up on sleep. It’s ok. Some things take priorities, and my health is one of those things. The problem is, I didn’t start again. I have a hard time getting going again when I stop a project and that’s what happened these past couple of days. I am terrible and I know it. But. I’m going to get going again. Starting today

I’ve been building these pages for a while. Sometimes I just swipe leftover paint on them, sometimes I use the page to wipe my brush/tool clean. And sometimes, like the background on this green page, I soak up a lot of leftover ink. 

I used this page to clean off some stencils. 

I love these pages. They took a while to build and they’re all different. I might add more to them but, it’s not a guarantee. A couple of them look perfect the way they are. 


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