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Harlequin Rag Doll Girl -Art Outside

Today is a gorgeous day out in Edmonton. The perfect day to sit out on the deck and make some art! 

I grabbed some pens and pencils, my Derwent Inktense pencils, soft neutral Prima Watercolour pencils, and some water and just enjoyed the sunshine. 

I sketched out the rag doll girl I was wanting to do today. 

I then outlined her in the Faber-Castell Pitt pen. 

Ok, side note: I love these pens! Especially when I’m outlining with them. I find them to be smudge proof and water proof with the watercolour pencils I use. 

I then coloured her in. I used the Prima watercolours for her face and the Derwent Inktense for the hair and harlequins. The Primas are soft and create lovely skin tones when they are layered up. I love how intense the Inktense pencils are. The colour is just so rich. 

I really like her. She’s bright and fun. I also like that I didn’t colour everything in on the page and left a lot of white space. I think if I did the full page it would have been too dark whereas with just the spots of colour, it’s bright and whimsical.