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Be Brave Art Journal Page 

Today I finally used my big mixed media art journal. 

I bought it a while ago and finally started using it today. Can’t wait to do another piece in here!

I actually started today with a reorganization of all my paints. I bought some new supplies and wanted to put everything away first. 

Yes, I have a lot of paint. Of course I bought more today. Of course I did.

I did use the new supplies today. I used my new Dylusion acrylic paints to create the background (no picture, sorry) and then used 5 stencils to add more paint layers. Ended up looking like this.  

Now, I love this. I could have left it here. But…. I didn’t. When you’re making art, sometimes you have to be brave. 

I took a star light I had (because of course I don’t have a stencil big enough) and used painters tape on the edge to protect it then painted the page with black acrylic paints. Scary!

I think it turned out though!

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