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Paradise Lost

Tonight I challenged myself. 

I have a hard time with book art. I like books. Like, a lot. 

I have a lot of books and I have a hard time letting them go. And I have a really hard time seeing a good book ripped up for art. So tonight I challenged myself to use one of the books I have that is a million years old and falling apart in an art journal spread. 

It was difficult, even with this book that had scribbles in the margins (not mine), notes and with pages falling out. But, I did it and I really do like the results. Of course, the page was book themed. 

It really was hard but, at the same time, a little liberating to make something I like out of something so loved. 

Materials Used:

  • Golden soft gel medium
  • Golden fluid acrylics sepia, raw umber, burnt sienna
  • Artists Loft Naphthol Crimson fluid acrylic
  • Pebeo sap green acrylic
  • Liquitex professional gesso
  • Kuretake pen
  • Tim Holtz tissue paper
  • Antique schoolbook

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