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I Own My Story Art Journaling

I listen to a lot of music when making these prices of art. Sometimes the lyrics work their way onto my page, like tonight’s page.  

 Tonight’s lyrical content came from the song Dangerous off Shinedown’s album, Threat to Survival.  

 This page was nice to make. It was a break away from working on the white canvas (which is still ongoing) and used some of my favourite paint colours, phthalocyanine blue and dioxazine purple. And it was really nice to get back to these messy flowers and striped stems.  

 Materials Used:

  • Golden carbon black, azurite
  • Liquitex phthalocyanine blue and white gesso
  • Grumbacher dioxazine purple
  • Viva decor inka golds steelblue, oldgold
  • Craftsmart blue paint pen

  And as for the white canvas, today I added another couple flowers as it looked a little empty.  
 I also covered the previous flowers with gel medium to give them a different look. Two are covered in matte gel and one with gloss. I’m hoping it’ll give the flowers some added depth and dimension. I’m pretty sure I’ve got the colours right finally. Just waiting on the flowers now. Hopefully it’ll be done by tomorrow night. 

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