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Toronto Arting

Surprise! I’m in Toronto for the Etsy Team Captains Summit so the art for today is a sketch using new art supplies.  

 I found art nirvana. Or, at least, art stores. Totally by accident too! I was headed to the Art Gallery of Ontario and stumbled across this one.  

 Currys. I was so excited. I’ve looked at their website and have been wanting to check them out for a while. I was so excited to go in and look around! Sadly, because I just have carry on luggage for this trip, I didn’t want to buy any paints but, now that I’ve seen their selection, I’ll definitely buy online with confidence. I picked up the moleskine journal and tombow pen used in tonight’s art here.  

 This shop came as a suggestion to check out and it was literally right around the corner from Currys. This is a 3 story art supply shop guys. I was in heaven. I didn’t stay as long as I’d have liked as I was on a time budget, but, wow. I’m definitely going back to look around more. They have amazing selections of anything you might want and great prices.  

 Here is their info if you want to check them out. I plan on ordering online from them in the future. 

Also, another awesome thing. Because there are post secondary schools in the area, the sales clerks are in the habit of asking for school ID from students to get a discount. I got 10% off at both stores! Excited, happy dance 🙂

After a wee bit of shopping, I went to the Art Gallery of Ontario. And, wow. I feel so… Amazed/insignificant/humbled/inspired… Just. Wow. It amazes me to see art that I’ve only seen in books or in prints in real life complete just was so, so happy walking around there. If you have the opportunity, go. Seriously. You will not regret it (your feet might, you won’t). 

 It’s been such an amazing day and I’m so proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone to go, explore, and see by myself. Go me! 



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